District 21 - Washington District Office


District Director: Sarah Taylor

Mailing Address
2675 Prosperity Avenue
Fairfax, Virginia 20598


The following Field Offices are within District 21: Baltimore, MD; Fairfax, VA; Norfolk, VA; Charlotte, NC; Raleigh, NC. 

Becoming an Authorized Provider

To become an authorized provider of immigration services, you must receive recognition and accreditation from the U.S. Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Office of Legal Access Programs (OLAP). Accredited representatives may assist aliens in immigration proceedings before the DOJ’s immigration courts and Board of Immigration Appeals, before the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), or both. Visit the DOJ’s Recognition and Accreditation Program page to learn how an organization can apply for recognition and accreditation for its practitioners.

The EOIR website offers the following: 

When you submit your application package to the EOIR, you must also submit a copy of the package to your local USCIS district office. You can also find additional information on becoming an authorized provider on USCIS’ Become an Authorized Provider webpage.

Comments and Complaints

There are several ways that you may file a complaint with USCIS:

  • If you are at a USCIS office and feel that you are being mistreated or are unhappy with the service you received, it is best to raise your concerns with a supervisor while you are still at the office. The supervisor will be able to immediately address your concerns before you depart the office.
  • You may also write USCIS with your complaint. You are encouraged to first raise your concerns with the Field Office Director.  The mailing addresses of USCIS offices can be found at the Find a USCIS Office page.  If you feel that the Field Office Director did not adequately address your concern, you are encouraged to contact the District Director.  USCIS reads and takes seriously every complaint we receive.

You are welcome to submit your complaint directly with the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Office of Inspector General (OIG). Contact information for the DHS OIG can be found on USCIS’s “Contact Us” page. This information is also posted in the waiting rooms of USCIS Field Offices.

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