Navy Chief Gunner's Mate Thomas Eadie - Interim Period of 1920-1940

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Thomas Eadie was born in Scotland on April 8, 1887, and enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1909. He was trained as a diver.

During the 1920s, as a Chief Gunner’s Mate, Eadie assisted in salvage work on two sunken submarines. He received the Navy Cross and the Medal of Honor for his actions during each operation.

 "For display of extraordinary heroism in the line of his profession above and beyond the call of duty on Dec. 18, 1927, during the diving operations in connection with the sinking of the U.S.S. S-4 with all on board, as a result of a collision off Provincetown, Massachusetts.

“On this occasion when Navy Chief Torpedoman Michels became seriously fouled while attempting to connect an air line to the submarine at a depth of 102 feet, Eadie, under the most adverse diving conditions, deliberately, knowingly and willingly took his own life in his hands by promptly descending to the rescue in response to the desperate need of his companion diver. After two hours of extremely dangerous and heartbreaking work, by his cool, calculating and skillful labors, he succeeded in his mission and brought Michels safely to the surface."                                                                                                             --from Eadie’s Medal of Honor citation

Eadie retired from active duty in 1939, but returned as a Chief Gunner (Warrant Officer) during World War II. He later received a commission and retired as a Lieutenant. He died in Brockton, Mass., on Nov. 14, 1974.

This text is from the official citations, military historical records, obituaries and other text posted on the Internet, including, and the Military Times Hall of Valor.

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