Tracy Renaud, Associate Director, Management Directorate

Tracy Renaud has been the associate director of the Management Directorate since Nov. 2, 2014.

Background Experience/Significant Achievements

She was the acting USCIS deputy director from March 2018 to May 2019 and from January to October 2017. 

Renaud has spent more than 32 years working in the area of immigration benefits and services. She began her distinguished career with the Immigration and Naturalization Service in 1982 at the Vermont Service Center. During her time there, she held a number of positions including supervisory adjudications officer, before transferring to USCIS headquarters in 1999.

During her tenure at USCIS headquarters, Renaud served in a variety of positions including chief of Field Operations, where she was responsible for managing and overseing all district and field offices charged with adjudicating requests for immigration benefits. She also served as deputy chief of Field Operations.

In addition, Renaud held the position of deputy associate director of Refugee, Asylum, and International Operations, where she was responsible for overseas USCIS offices and refugee and asylum programs.

Also while at USCI headquarters, Renaud worked in the Services Modernization Program (now known as the Office of Transformation Coordination), where she was responsible for implementing the agency’s first electronic filing effort. She also served as a senior adjudications officer within Service Center Operations during which time she was notably responsible for the implementation of the agency’s Premium Processing program.

In April 2008, Renaud returned to Vermont as the director of the Northeast Region. Renaud held this position until she returned to headquarters as the deputy associate director of the Management Directorate in July 2013.


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