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Resource Information Center: Perspectives

Perspectives are written by expert consultants and may reflect the views of individuals or groups. Like Profiles, they provide background information on the political and social conditions in a country and particularly the human rights situation. These papers are usually over 50 pages in length and include a table of contents and index.

  Chinese State Birth Planning in the 1990's and Beyond (September 2001) (1.84MB) (PDF) Note: This is a large file (over 1.8MB). You may wish to download the file to your computer and open it off-line.
  Systematic Repression of Dissent (December 1998) (546k) (PDF)
Human Rights in Cuba Since the Papal Visit (October 1999) (321k) (PDF)
  Human Rights in Guatemala Since the Signing of the Peace Accords (April 2000) (304k) (PDF)
  Democracy and Human Rights (June 1997) (467k) (PDF)
  Update on Human Rights Conditions (September 2000) (135k) (PDF)
  Democracy and Human Rights (July 1995) (340k) (PDF)
To view these documents you must have software which can read files in the portable document format (*.pdf). You may download this software from the Adobe Corporation.
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