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Profiles are papers that provide a detailed history of a given country and identify all of the groups at risk for human rights abuses, what has been done to these groups, and by whom. These papers also discuss relevant issues such as the judicial system and forms of political participation permitted in that country. Profiles are objective papers, which summarize and report a wide range of information available from credible sources, including government agencies, international organizations, other governments, non-governmental human rights monitoring groups, and academic sources. These papers are usually over 50 pages, with a table of contents and index.
  Family Planning Policy and Practice in the People's Republic of China (March 1995) (173k) (PDF)
  Update On Political Conditions (December 1994) (233k) (PDF)
The Status of Amharas (January 1993) (195k) (PDF)
Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia
  Human Rights Since 1990 (February 1995) (150k) (PDF)
  Haiti (August 1993) (386k) (PDF)
  Pakistan (November 1993) (403k) (PDF)
  Human Rights And Political Development Through December 1994 (June 1995) (498k) (PDF)
  The Status Of Jews In The Post-Soviet Era (September 1994) (155k) (PDF)
  Human Rights Since 1989 Coup (February 1993) (150k) (PDF)
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