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Question and Answer papers provide information on emerging social and political developments. They may include chronologies of political developments, summaries of recent changes of government (including coups), or information on particular ethnic, political, religious, racial, or social groups at risk, e.g., Sierra Leone: Political, Military, and Human Rights Chronology: 1991-1997. These papers are usually between 10-25 pages and include a table of contents and index.

El Salvador
  El Salvador: Re-Emergence of "Social Cleansing" Death Squads (March 1999) (36K) (PDF)
El Salvador: Hardship Considerations (January 2000) (78K) (PDF)
  Eritrea & Ethiopia: Large-Scale Expulsions of Population Groups and Other Human Rights Violations in Connection with the Ethiopian-Eritrean Conflict, 1998-2000 (January 2002)(154K) (PDF)
  Guatemala: Hardship Considerations (January 2000) (250K) (PDF)
  Honduras: Hardship Considerations (September 1999) (76K) (PDF)
  India: Political and Human Rights Developments in the Punjab (June 1997) (69k) (PDF)

Mexico: Update on Treatment of Homosexuals (May 2000) (148K) (PDF)

Mexico: Treatment of Homosexuals (April 1998) (135K) (PDF)

  Peru: Shining Path Actions in 1998: Summation and Partial Chronology (November 1998) (29K) (PDF)
Sierra Leone
  Sierra Leone: Political and Military Human Rights: Chronology 1991-1997 (April 1998) (179K) (PDF)
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