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Haiti and Adoption

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In the wake of the earthquakes that struck Haiti, USCIS has received many questions from prospective parents concerned about Haitian children they are seeking to adopt.

We want everyone to know we are giving these cases our highest priority. To ease the handling of paperwork, USCIS has created a special email inbox to receive scanned documents:

Many of you realize that international adoption can be an extremely complex process involving the laws of different jurisdictions. In the case of Haiti, these normal challenges are made far more difficult by an unprecedented environmental disaster.

USCIS employees are working in the United States and in Haiti to unite children with their new families as quickly and safely as is possible.

The Miami District Director sent us the following message detailing her recent work experience:

Just returned home from Miami International Airport. To witness so many Haitian orphans arrive in the United States with absolutely nothing other than the clothes on their backs, terrified but with eyes wide open was nothing short of life-changing. It is a privilege to be a USCIS employee and able to play a role, however small, in helping ease the suffering of these children.
You can find more information about adopting a child from Haiti in our "Questions & Answers: Information for U.S. Citizens in the process of adopting a child from Haiti". Also, those interested in the inter-country adoption process can find more information here. Please continue to check the USCIS website for updates and information.

Update: Describing how one person can make a difference, both Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (see video) and "The Wall Street Journal" recognized the work of USCIS employee Pius Bannis in facilitating adoptions of Haitian orphans.