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Haiti and Immigration: Confronting the Rumors

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We've heard a number of rumors circulating about the help USCIS is providing to those affected by the earthquake in Haiti. Three of the most common rumors are listed below and followed by the facts:

Rumor #1 - People may fly to Haiti to bring back one adult and one child.

The facts: Only those who are otherwise eligible to be admitted in a valid immigration status or have been granted humanitarian parole will be allowed to enter the United States lawfully from Haiti. Anyone traveling to Haiti to bring family to the United States should confirm that their relative falls within one of these categories before making the difficult journey.

Rumor #2 - You can pay someone $5000 (or any amount) to get a visa for your family in Haiti.

The facts: People may seek to take advantage of visa applicants by offering to obtain the visa for $5000 or some other sum of money. No one can guarantee that paying $5000 (or any amount) for their assistance will result in the granting of a visa for a family member in Haiti. To protect yourself from becoming a victim of immigration fraud, please see our "Don't Be a Victim of Immigration Fraud" webpage.

Rumor #3 - USCIS will delay adjudication of any non-Haitian applications and petitions.

The facts: USCIS had taken steps to allocate all available resources to handle the influx of Haiti TPS/earthquake relief-related applications while continuing to process its pre-existing workload. There may be some delays due to the increased workload generated by the Haiti relief efforts, but USCIS is processing applications received from all applicants and petitioners.

Rumor #4 - There is a fee charged to make an InfoPass appointment.

The facts: InfoPass appointments are free. You can schedule your InfoPass appointment online.

Rumor #5 - USCIS charges a fee to download or obtain Temporary Protected Status forms.

The facts: All USCIS forms are available at no charge on our website.

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