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TPS Haiti: The Top Five Filing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Since announcing the designation of Haiti for Temporary Protected Status (TPS), USCIS has received thousands of applications. In reviewing these applications, we've noticed the following problems:

  1. Not including the appropriate filing fee. Include the appropriate fee with your application. USCIS has created a chart to help customers know what fees they are required to pay when they file for TPS. It is located on the Temporary Protected Status - Haiti page under the Humanitarian section of If you cannot afford to pay the filling fee, you may request a fee waiver. Information on fee waivers can be found on the Fee Waiver Guidance page.
  2. Not completing every question on the form. Complete every question on the form. If you skip or do not answer questions on the form, processing may be delayed, or your application may be rejected or denied.
  3. Not including your A-number (if you have one). If you have an alien number (A number), it is very important that you include that number on your application.
  4. Not signing the application. Please sign your application. If your application is not signed, we will reject your application and return it.
  5. Using an incorrect form to apply for TPS. Use only forms I-821 and I-765 to apply for TPS. Other forms cannot be used to apply for TPS. If you submit different forms, your case will be rejected or denied. You may obtain these forms for free here.

The problems listed above may cause a delay in the processing of your application or may result in your application being rejected and returned to you or denied. Please avoid these problems and follow the tips provided to ensure proper processing of your application.