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USCIS Customer Service Enhancements

Release Date:

Starting this week, USCIS is launching four new online features to give you more accessibility to your case information. The new tools include:

  • Online Inquiry Tool for Select Forms: If your case is outside the posted processing times and you filed an Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card (Form I-90) or an Application for Naturalization (Form N-400), you can now submit an electronic inquiry directly to the appropriate Field Office or Service Center instead of calling the National Customer Service number or making an InfoPass appointment with the local office. Additionally, once the electronic inquiry is received, USCIS now commits to a 15-day customer response, reduced from the previous commitment to respond within 30 days. We may be expanding this program to include other applications and petitions in the future.
  • Specific Adjudication Steps by Form Type on My Case Status: Now when you check your case status online, the steps you see will be specific to your petition or application. Until recently, the website listed seven identical steps for all forms, even though not all the steps applied to all the forms. With the new feature, steps are customized for more than 40 form types.
  • E-mail Notification in Spanish: When you register to receive e-mail updates on your case status, you can now elect to receive messages in English or Spanish. Until now, all messages had been in English.
  • Change of Address Online in Spanish: You will now be able to submit a Change of Address Online in English or Spanish. Until now, the service had been provided only in English.
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