Hurricane Preparedness: Entire East Coast Should Prepare for Hurricane Irene

As Hurricane Irene approaches the east coast of the United States, we urge all readers in the storm’s path to fully prepare and follow the direction of local authorities. To learn more, see the following online resources:

For updates on USCIS office closings/delays, see our website.
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Thursday, August 25, 2011
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Paying attention here in St. George in Staten Island facing the harbor on a hill.

A bigger everlasting hurricane is the backlog for EB2,3 IC for which USCIS is not doing anything. It is a mockery that people have been waiting for 4 years to file 485 while in 2007 USCIS make dates current to allow everyone file 485.
How do explain such a discrepancy?

how can we be prepaired?

Here in NY and in long-Island especially everyone is preparing for the Horricane Irene, we hope it passes with no casualties through-out the east-coast.

I pray to the almighty god for the safety of the Americans & the entire world...Peace be every where on earth

To be prepared for this in advance is really a important as such natural disaster is out of human controls and only way to escape from it destruction is PRECAUTION and BE PREPARED in advance.

If we take this as granted then no one not even GOD will helps us from this destruction. Its only US and our alertness will save us from this.

USCIS/DOS/Government made Hurricane/Earth Quake is EB-3 India back log of 9 years! making the Employment Based Immigration families and applicant suffer like a thrid degree torchure. Please do needful by at least taking out country quotas and release some visa numbers to EB-3 India.

I m in a similar Sticky EB3 situation.My employer filed in EB3 8 years ago.A few years ago the very same job was modified to EB2 Job so that a few could apply in EB2 and they got approved.Encouraged by this I approached management eagerly to port from Eb3 to EB2.Within a few months as luck would have it,due to Reorg,my job description got changed back to EB3 Job! (Not sure how this will affect EB2 filers though). So now I am stuck with this EB3 for God knows how long! I have been in the same position for about 10 years and the Employer is very happy to keep me there. They do know they could promote me with my qualifications but of course which company wouldn't take advantage of such a "Golden oppurtunity" to keep me "boxed-in"? I know several folks may be in the same boat as I am in. It is upto USCIS to grant us Eb3's some relief in the form of spillover that they provided to EB2 in Mid 2011 to EB3 moving forward, to reduce the current excruciatingly long EB3 backlog!!! Even preparing for hurricanes is a lot easier compared to the wait in EB3 queue. GOD HELP US!!!

A new topic of Uscis Preparedness: Waiting in line for 6 plus years should be started How to cope with interigation from Uscis officers. How to survive arguements with your spouse, countless disappointments with Visa bulletin every month. Inability to put down roots, escape plsn when Visa extension is denied.

Today USCIS release I-140 approval list as pd files.
it is evident that EVIDENT that USCIS supports asyless and refugees rather than High Skilled immigrants waiting on queue for a Green card for more than 10 years example EB-3 India.

Well definitely looks like the I-140 approvals for EB dried up in 2009 and after from the file: I-140-data-2011-june.pdf.

There's nothing stopping companies from filing I-140s after labor certification, so I don't think we have a case of hidden demand or some pent up demand due to some cut-off date like I-485. It could be said that companies aren't wasting money to file I-140 for EB3 when the first time they may be able to file I-485 is so far in the future (especially for EB3-I/C). EB2 I/C are close enough to current that companies would probably apply for I-140 immediately.

What I found interesting was that circa 120K I-485 were approved for asylees and refugees, 22K for Cuba alone! Now obviously the majority of of these are legitimate in every sense but the numbers are big compared to the 140K of legal employment based immigration.

The irony is that they come here to escape persecution, forced labor and gain freedom; we come here and get persecution, forced labor and lose freedom...