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Why Do You Use Self Check?

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Self Check is a fast, free and voluntary service that allows you to check your employment eligibility in the United States. Users can check the accuracy of their employment eligibility records and get information on how to fix any errors they might find. A Service of E-Verify, Self Check was launched in a limited number of states in March 2011. Since then, more than 50,000 people have used it.

In the coming months, we’re preparing to make Self Check available nationwide. To help us ensure that our service is as good as it can be, we invite those of you who have already used Self Check to share your experiences, observations and recommendations. To do so, please email us at with the subject line, “Why I Used Self Check.” You can also post feedback here in the comments section.

We’re particularly interested in finding out why you used Self-Check, and whether your experience was positive or negative. What worked well for you and what didn't? We’ll read your comments and, in a future post, highlight a few of your stories.

For those of you not already using Self Check, think about the benefits of using it. Employers are using E-Verify more and more to confirm the employment eligibility of their new hires. Wouldn’t you like to know whether you would be work authorized by E-Verify and if there are any errors in your record before your new boss does? Self Check allows you to do that! For more information, please visit the Self Check website at