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Don’t Get Locked Out! Follow These Steps to Reset Your E-Verify Password

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Password rules are getting harder and harder these days. “Not case sensitive.” “Use a capital letter.” “No special characters.” “Use special characters.” “No common names or words.” “Nothing in Pig Latin.”

We know it can be challenging for E-Verify users to think of a secure password and even harder to remember it.
E-Verify Login
Fortunately, if you forget your E-Verify password, you can follow these simple steps and reset it yourself.
  • Click 'Forgot your password' on the E-Verify login page.
  • Enter your user ID and click 'Submit.'
  • Enter the answers to the three challenge questions you created when you logged in to E-Verify for the first time.
  • If you answer the questions correctly, E-Verify will prompt you to create a new password.
What if you forget your E-Verify user ID?  It happens. We understand. Below are the steps for recovering your user ID.
  • Click 'Forgot your User ID' on the E-Verify login page. 
  • Enter your e-mail address and click 'Submit.'  You must enter the same e-mail address that is in your E-Verify user profile. 
  • If the e-mail address you entered matches what we have on file, E-Verify will e-mail you with your user ID.
If you're unable to reset your password or find out your user ID, contact your program administrator, who can help you with both.  If you need additional help, please contact E-Verify Customer Support.

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