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E-Verify Customer Satisfaction Soars

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The E-Verify program strives to meet the needs of its diverse customers. To help provide the best customer service, it participates in the American Customer Satisfaction Index, a national indicator of customer satisfaction.  In 2011, a random sample of E-Verify users - nearly 2/3 of which were small business owners - were surveyed on their satisfaction with the program. The questionnaire evaluated key features of E-Verify, including registration, tutorial, and overall satisfaction.
E-Verify received an overall customer satisfaction rating of 85, a three point increase from the 2010 survey. E-Verify also scored well when compared to its federal government counterparts; E-Verify’s score was 20 points above the current federal government average. 
The results showed that E-Verify has:
  • Easy enrollment - Users find enrolling in and using E-Verify easy.
  • Resolved customer questions more quickly- We helped 93% of users resolve their issues with just one phone call.
  • Better tutorials - Users increased their rating of the E-Verify Tutorial by eight points!
  • User friendly processes - The Photo Matching tool, and the tentative non-confirmation (TNC) process were rated particularly valuable and user-friendly.
  • High overall customer satisfaction - E-Verify users remain highly likely to continue use of E-Verify, have high confidence in the program’s accuracy, and would recommend it to other employers.
With the results of the ASCI survey, we know that our efforts are succeeding and are encouraged to work harder to enhance the E-Verify process for our customers.  We are committed to making E-Verify work for you!

To view the full 2011 E-Verify ACSI report, click here.