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The Employee Rights Toolkit: You Should Know Your Rights!

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USCIS just released a new resource that offers useful information for all workers in the United States.

Our new online Employee Rights Toolkit compiles a variety of creative informational materials you can use to learn—and teach others—about employee rights. The toolkit’s downloadable videos, brochures, fliers, posters and other features will help everyone understand worker rights and employer responsibilities in the E-Verify process.

See the toolkit’s attractive videos about Self Check, as well as useful information about the Unauthorized Practice of Immigration Law and other important topics—all in formats that make them easy to share with the public you serve. Most of the resources are available in both English and Spanish.

Check it out today! And please let us know about what you think about the toolkit and how you can use it to spread the word on employee rights far and wide. If you want the Employee Rights Toolkit on a CD or DVD, go to the USCIS Forms by Mail website to order your very own copy.

You will find the Employee Rights Toolkit in the "For Employees" section of the E-Verify website and on the Self Check site. Add a link to your Web page!

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