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USCIS Introduces Improved History and Genealogy Pages on

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Recently, USCIS launched newly redesigned History and Genealogy Web pages to provide visitors with an easier, faster and more enjoyable way of finding the information they need. We’ve unified our history, library and genealogy programs into a user-friendly online resource center. Now historians, scholars, students and genealogists can easily find information in one convenient location:

The revamped History and Genealogy Web page provides access to a wide range of information to a variety of specialized customers, in a variety of ways.

For instance, historians can explore content devoted to our agency’s past. It is designed to be dynamic where we can keep adding detailed information on specific events, people, places, and other historical facts.

Through our library program, researchers can now link to our online catalog, which includes recently digitized unique documents.

Family historians can now use genealogy content that has been reformatted, rearranged and made easier to comprehend through use of diagrams, images and plain language.

Be sure to check out our history and genealogy site today!