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What’s new with SAVE?

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We’ve upgraded the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) program’s website. We added a variety of features that will help the agencies that participate in SAVE as well as people who apply with these agencies for benefits.

SAVE is an online service available through Federal, state and local benefit-issuing agencies and institutions use it to determine the immigration status of their applicants.

SAVE’s New Website

The first thing you may notice is that we’ve totally redesigned the SAVE website. We’ve made the main page more visually appealing and added a series of option buttons to improve navigation. It’s now much easier to find information about SAVE webinars and publications, and on how to request a SAVE expert to speak at an upcoming event, among other choices.

SAVE Self-Assessment Guides

We’ve also introduced the SAVE Self-Assessment Guide, a tool that USCIS personnel use to ensure they use the program properly. These USCIS workers can access the guide to get step-by-step instructions for setting up internal monitoring procedures.

For Benefit Applicants

Access to more materials: An option button links to another recent SAVE development: Expanded availability of benefit applicant materials. Here visitors will find fact sheets, fliers and brochures in English and other languages that explain the SAVE program and what applicants for public benefits should do if they need to correct their immigration records.

SAVE Case Check: The website now links to the newest SAVE enhancement, SAVE Case Check. This free and easy-to-use service allows benefit applicants to check the progress of immigration status verification requests that SAVE-participating agencies submit on their behalf.

SAVE Case Check reduces the need for applicants to visit their benefit-granting agency repeatedly while their immigration status is being verified. Applicants can return to the agency to continue their application for a benefit after SAVE Case Check indicates the verification process is complete. The service also helps participating agencies save time and resources.

SAVE Case Check is currently being piloted with 47 SAVE agencies in 15 states. Participation is open to all 1,030 current SAVE agencies.

Agency Search Tool: The SAVE website now features an Agency Search Tool that lists all 1,030 agencies participating in the program. Use this database to learn which agencies in your state participate in SAVE, or to see if a particular benefit-granting agency uses it. You can filter your search by agency type (federal, state or local) or by benefit category (badging agency, background investigation or department of motor vehicles).

Learn More

Browse the new website, contact us, or take our free webinar to learn how SAVE can serve you.