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USCIS Officers Replace New Citizen’s Burned U.S. Flag

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On Aug. 9, officers from the USCIS New York City Field Office presented naturalizing citizen John Doherty with a new flag to replace one burned by an arsonist.

Doherty, who owns a pub in Midtown Manhattan, proudly displayed a U.S. flag outside his business on the Fourth of July, a few days after his naturalization application was approved by USCIS New York. Sadly, an arsonist burned this patriotic soon-to-be citizen’s flag late in the evening on July Fourth. 

The presentation of the flag
After reading about the story in the local papers, staff from the NYC Field Office collected money to present to Doherty with a replacement flag at his oath ceremony. Doherty was joined by his wife and their one-year old twins, and a family friend who was able to attend the ceremony before deploying to Iraq the following day as a member of the U.S. Armed Forces.