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USCIS Celebrates 15th Anniversary of National Records Center

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Since joining the USCIS family in July as the chief of staff, I have had the opportunity to learn about our great mission firsthand by meeting with employees from all facets of our agency.  On Oct. 29, I had the special privilege to tour our National Records Center (NRC) in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, as part of its 15th anniversary celebration.  The NRC is truly a national treasure, located underground in a 300,000 square foot facility.  When it opened in 2000, it stored only a few hundred thousand files, but now it houses more than 20 million records. Each file contains an individual’s immigration documents and is from 1 to 6 inches thick. 

Chief of Staff Juliet K. Choi speaks at NRC anniversary celebration

Throughout my visit I was in awe of the more than 500 federal and contract employees who process 1.5 million new files each year. These employees are unsung heroes of the immigration process. Properly processing and storing records is an essential part of our immigration heritage as a nation. I greatly enjoyed my opportunity to meet with local staff and leadership of the NRC and learn of the amazing work they do to help immigrants achieve their American dream. 

Juliet K. Choi, USCIS Chief of Staff