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Here’s What You Missed During Our First Twitter Office Hours

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On Sept. 1, we held our first Twitter Office Hours, a live question-and-answer session hosted on Twitter. Members of our customer service and public engagement teams were available to answer questions using the #AskUSCIS hashtag.

The purpose of this event was to provide you with a new way to engage with us. We were excited to see questions flooding our timeline!

During the event we were able to answer 14 different questions. For our first session, we tried to answer common questions with answers that could help other customers who have similar questions.

We included a link to our website or a related government website with every reply so that you could find more information.

Thanks to everyone who tweeted and retweeted posts from our event. We learned a lot about what you expect during a Twitter chat event, and we also came up with ideas that should help us respond to more questions during future events.

If you missed it, we’re posting all of our questions and answers below. Of course, we received way more than 14 questions and just weren’t able to answer every one of them. So you’ll also find 5 bonus answers to questions that we got during the event.

Q1: @nyccase Keep getting error message - Electronic Immigration System is temporarily offline. When will it be fixed? #AskUSCIS

A1: @nyccase USCIS ELIS was offline last weekend for system updates. To submit a problem report: #AskUSCIS

Q2: @sagar7389 Can an international Graduate student on F1 visa do internship and on-campus job? #AskUSCIS

A2: @sagar7389 F-1 students may accept on-campus jobs subject to certain conditions. Visit for info. #AskUSCIS

Q3: @JSouekela Hello, I didn't change my address since 2 years. Do I have to fill AR-11? #AskUSCIS

A3: @JSouekela Only if you have moved, update your address at: #AskUSCIS

Q4: @khan_amber My form I-765 was accepted by USCIS on 4th of June 2015, how long does it take to get it? #AskUSCIS

A4: @khan_amber Since it's been more than 75 days, use case status online to find the latest info.   #AskUSCIS

Q5: @elizabethbetsyr As we wait 4 interview date for my husband, can we expedite? How?  What criteria? #ASKUSCIS

A5: @elizabethbetsyr Make appt. at local office, explain the reason you need your interview expedited. #AskUSCIS

Q6: @SpanishPolo Can I sponsor someone from Mexico to cross with a special visa, even for a limited time? #AskUSCIS

A6: @SpanishPolo Your friend may apply for a non-immigrant visa with the U.S. Embassy in Mexico. Visit #AskUSCIS

Q7: @viridianatule if my DACA renewal is approved but haven't received the EAD card,  can I continue working? #ASKUSCIS

A7: @viridianatule Check your DACA EAD status More questions? #AskUSCIS

Q8: @Docviveksingh Which is the better way to file OPT application - via paper mail application or electronic application? #AskUSCIS

A8: @Docviveksingh File your application by mail. USCIS discontinued the legacy e-filing system. See: #AskUSCIS

Q9: @alphabet_real Parents had green card, outside US; 1 yr  green card  lapsed, can they get visitor's visa to visit the US ? #AskUSCIS

A9: @alphabet_real Your parents may apply for a visa at a U.S. consulate. More info on how to apply: #AskUSCIS

Q10: @caylee_ramos No update re I-129. Receipt number is not searchable online. Any ETC? At least on issue with your online tool? #AskUSCIS

A10: @caylee_ramos We're sorry you’re having trouble online. Call us for help at 800-375-5283. #AskUSCIS

Q11: @Alfyrod9 If my dad had a letter from the department of labor in 85 can he adjust status now? Through me as petitioner? #askuscis

A11 (1/2): @Alfyrod9 Check here to find out more about adjustment of status. #AskUSCIS
A11 (2/2): @Alfyrod9 Need legal advice? Find legal services here. #AskUSCIS

Q12: @msreekm Is 3 years bachelor's degree from India and 15+ years work experience considered as eligible for EB2? #askuscis

A12: @msreekm An EB2 requires evidence of a foreign equivalent degree & at least 5 yrs work experience. #AskUSCIS

Q13: @yahanaz1 What is process of getting I-140 approval notices from @USCIS in case we are not able to get it from employer. #AskUSCIS

A13: @yahanaz1 Get a copy of your approved petition using Form I-824. #AskUSCIS

Q14: @TuleRomain Given the current backlog causing #DACA delays are we able to submit our renewals before 150 days? #AskUSCIS

A14: @TuleRomain  Yes, but there are things you should know. See more info in question 50 here: #AskUSCIS

Bonus Questions:

Q15: @gangadharan82 #AskUSCIS My Kid's i539 is in processing stage since Mar'15. But VSC Processing time shows as 2.5 months.  Should i need to contact USCIS?


A15: @gangadharan82 Yes. If your case is outside of the standard processing time, you can submit a case inquiry using e-Request.

Q16: @AMEERALYEMEN #AskUSCIS In which step costumers can contact senator or congressman inquiring for case delay?



A16 (1/2): @AMEERALYEMEN You may contact your senator or representative at any time #AskUSCIS


A16 (2/2): @AMEERALYEMEN You can also schedule an appointment with an immigration officer at or call USCIS at (800) 375-5283

Q17: @DESIBLM @USCIS please let us know the proper channel to get regulation updates #AskUSCIS

A17: @DESIBLM USCIS and DHS Federal Register announcements can be found at #AskUSCIS

Q18: @HESHAMALSAIDI My case were denied, because requested documents wasn't received by deadline and that was a year ago Can I appeal the decision now #AskUSCIS

A18: @HESHAMALSAIDI Generally, an appeal should be filed within 30 days from the date of the decision.  #AskUSCIS

Q19: @SARACASTILLOG @USCIS Why can't we file electronically work permit applications as usual? #AskUSCIS

A19: @SARACASTILLOG We’re discontinuing that e-filing system to build a faster & more secure system. #AskUSCIS