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USCIS Spanish Site Now Makes It Easy to Request Forms by Mail

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We have added a page in where you can order USCIS forms to be mailed to your home. This service is free. (Please note: The forms are in English.)

Have the following information ready when you request your USCIS forms via our page in Spanish:

  • The form number and quantity of each form you need
  • Your complete name
  • Your complete mailing address including apartment or unit number
There are four easy steps to obtain your forms by mail. Follow the instructions on each screen and enter the appropriate information, for example:
An image
Select the form type and amount of forms you need for each. You may request a maximum of five copies of any one form type.
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An image


Enter your name and mailing information.
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After confirming your information, you should receive your requested forms within 7-10 business days.
Please note that this forms by mail request service is for individual personal use only. Repeat or high volume requests will not be honored.
Additional Tips 
  • Never pay anyone for a USCIS form -- USCIS forms are always available free on our website.
  • Keep copies of all your completed forms.
  • Forms requiring a signature will be rejected if you do not sign them.
  • See the Department of State website for more information on passport or "DS" nonimmigrant visa application forms.
  • Sign up for e-Notification by filling Form G-1145 and receive email or text notifications when one of our Lockbox facilities has accepted your application.