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Recap of October USCIS Twitter Office Hours

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On Oct. 6, we hosted the second USCIS Twitter Office hours to answer your questions about immigration benefits and other services that our agency provides.

We were able to answer many common questions that we know many of our stakeholders have. We also received a number of questions that we didn’t have time to address during the Twitter chat. You can find all of the questions and answers below.

Are you still looking for answers to your customer service-related questions? Be sure to visit the recap of our first session, and stay tuned for the next USCIS Twitter Office hours on Tuesday, Nov. 3, from 3-4 p.m. (Eastern). To participate:
  • Follow @USCIS on Twitter.
  • Ask your question in a tweet (not a direct message) using the #AskUSCIS hashtag. Be sure to submit your question before Tuesday, Nov. 3 at 3 p.m. Eastern time.
    Please note: 
    • We can’t provide you case status updates, only answer general customer service questions. To check on your case any time, enter a receipt number at Case Status Online.
    • Don’t post your A-Number, receipt number, Social Security number or any other personal information. Someone could use it to steal your identity.
  • We’ll answer as many questions as we can during the hour.
  • Afterwards, we’ll post a transcript of the questions and answers to this blog.
Thanks to everyone who tweeted questions. We look forward to engaging with you during future installments of USCIS Twitter Office Hours. 

Q: @LUVSKO #AskUSCIS  My son was born in the phil. His father was naturalized US citizen. My son is turning 21. Can he go to USA?
A: @LUVSKO To see if your child can receive citizenship from a parent, please visit #AskUSCIS
Q: @dideocampo Does a British national require a work permit to work in the US? #AskUSCIS
A: @dideocampo All foreign workers require a work permit to work in the United States. See #AskUSCIS
Q: @CESDCRUZ Why is one allowed to work with expired EAD?  #AskUSCIS
A: @CESDCRUZ Generally, you are not allowed to work beyond the expiration of your EAD. Visit #AskUSCIS
Q: @ROMANYUKHA #AskUSCIS I sent my I-131 5 months ago.  Previously it takes only 3 months. What is the reason for this delay?
A: @ROMANYUKHA If your case is taking longer than expected and is outside the processing times, visit #AskUSCIS
Q: @OLIMANISH What happens when USCIS rejects my I-765 app because of wrong category? Do I have to pay them again for new file? #AskUSCIS
A: @OLIMANISH Your reject notice should have specific instructions. If rejected, fees should be returned. #AskUSCIS
Q: @VIAV7 #AskUSCIS Can a I-130 F1 petition change to F3 category without petitioner having to file a new petition?
A: @VIAV7 No you do not have to refile, but it will impact your visa availability. #AskUSCIS
Q: @jhleemser #AskUSCIS Why do people get their green cards approved with the submission date way behind mine?
A: @jhleemser Besides submission date, preference category and country of birth are also factors. See #AskUSCIS
Q: @IFUR12 #AskUSCIS How long do I wait for my interview schedule for citizenship after done with my fingerprint a month ago? Thank you!
A: @IFUR12 You should receive your interview notice in the mail. If you think you missed it, ask us here: #AskUSCIS
Q: @CMB_1987 The Denver field office is not taking infopass appts, how do we get more info on our case?  #AskUSCIS
A: @CMB_1987 You can check your case status online here:  #AskUSCIS (1/2)
A: @CMB_1987 Need more info? Ask a question about your case here:  #AskUSCIS (2/2)
Q: @KGURULAKSHMI #AskUSCIS If my I-765 is not processed by 90 days, can I get interim EAD?
A: @KGURULAKSHMI If your I-765 is outside of the standard processing time, submit a case inquiry using e-Request.
Q: @AmeeerAlyemen Is it true that calling the NCSC many times might delay the case? #AskUSCIS
A: @AmeeerAlyemen No. Calling the NCSC multiple times will not delay your case. #AskUSCIS
Q: @SonetGreyling How long after the citizenship interview can I obtain a passport? #AskUSCIS
A: @SonetGreyling You can apply for passport at the post office once you have a naturalization certificate #AskUSCIS
Q: @PHILDADDY007 #AskUSCIS How long does it take to get approved? I'm overseas with my wife. Waiting for NVC to contact us.
A: @phildaddy007 You can check processing times  or your case status at  #AskUSCIS
Q: @JHLEEMSER  #AskUSCIS Can you update the case processing time more frequently?
A: @JHLEEMSER Processing times are updated around the 15th of each month. Check your processing time here:  #AskUSCIS
Q: @PANCHEETAH #AskUSCIS Why aren't new citizens registered to vote at the ceremony or auto registered with the new citizenship papers?
A: @PANCHEETAH We usually provide information on voting registration at our oath ceremonies.  #AskUSCIS
Bonus Questions…

Q: @EKSANGWAN #AskUSCIS Is there a way to follow up on I129 premium case after its approved? What's the phone number or email id by which we do it?
A: @EKSANGWAN If there’s a change in your situation, contact the National Visa Center about your approved I-129. #AskUSCIS
Q: @ANTOINEJAY4 Hello, how long does it take for a judge to issue a decision when he takes case under advisement? Should I add my A# here? #AskUSCIS
A: @ANTOINEJAY4 You can contact the Department of Justice for information on your case: #AskUSCIS
Q: @SARACASTILLOG What do I do if the post office lost my employment authorization card and they refuse to start an investigation? #AskUSCIS
A: @SARACASTILLOG If the document is lost then you would have to file for a replacement using Form I-765. #AskUSCIS
Q: @YUVZULONVEYOUV #AskUSCIS I don't have a case #, any document or adrress when i tried to be legalized in amistia 1986 they can't find my info what can i do?
A: @YUVZULONVEYOUV  To obtain your case number and case details, you can contact customer service. See #AskUSCIS
Q: @JCAMPOZANO1 @USCIS #AskUSCIS An LPR who was in removal and had their I-551 taken, but relief is now granted, can it be returned by filling a G-884?
A: @JCAMPOZANO1 Instead of Form G-884, you could file Form I-90 for a replacement or contact ICE