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Summary of USCIS Twitter Office Hours on Nov. 3

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We held the third live question-and-answer session hosted on Twitter called USCIS Twitter Office Hours on Nov. 3 to answer your questions about immigration benefits and our other services. Below are all the questions and answers we were able to address during the hour, as well as answers to two additional questions we received during the event.

Thanks to everyone who tweeted questions. We look forward to engaging with you during future USCIS Twitter Office Hours.

Q1: @rafaelfei EAD card is expiring at 10/22. My college will issue my I-20 at 10/21. Still on time to apply STEM OPT extension? #AskUSCIS
A1: @rafaelfei You can apply for a new EAD when the designated school official (DSO) issues the new I-20. #AskUSCIS
Q2: @Dugandzija USCIS sent my renewal Green Card by mail on 10/23 but I never received it. What am I supposed to do? #AskUSCIS
A2: @Dugandzija Please allow up to 30 days to receive your card. Then inquire about it online or by phone:  #AskUSCIS
Q3: @rjenx18 How long do I have to wait to apply for Naturalization? #AskUSCIS
A3: @rjenx18 First, you need your Green Card. Then it varies. See our citizenship resource center. #AskUSCIS
Q4: @JulienFountain Unable to create an account. Keep receiving Error message #AskUSCIS
A4: @JulienFountain If you’re having issues with ELIS, please contact us for assistance: #AskUSCIS
Q5: @olimanish Can I change my community college and study program if I am on TPS status ? #AskUSCIS
A5: @olimanish Yes, TPS does not affect your student status. Check for more information. #AskUSCIS
Q6: @KITKATALHANEEN I had been granted asylum after I return back to my home... how can I return back to US #AskUSCIS
A6: @KITKATALHANEEN You can find info on asylee travel documents here: #AskUSCIS
Q7: @ONELOVEONEWORLD Can previous bankruptcy effect the outcome of my husbands I-130 petition as far as the I-864 is concerned? #AskUSCIS
A7: @ONELOVEONEWORD Bankruptcy history might not affect I-130 sponsorship. Visit #AskUSCIS
Q8: @FATIMAASSANI Got an interview letter after 11 yrs. My name isn't included bc i am older. How do i add in and file for CSPA? #AskUSCIS
A8: @Fatimaassani Learn how to qualify for CSPA by visiting this page: #AskUSCIS
Q9: @AMEEERALYEMEN Can a U.S Citizen apply for form I-130 for a spouse?  #AskUSCIS
A9: @AMEEERALYEMEN Yes, U.S. citizens can file an I-130 for a spouse. See for more info. #AskUSCIS
Q10: @INDIKAPATHIRAGE I have an approved and then withdrawn H1B. COS from F1 to H1B. Do I still retain the Cap Number? #AskUSCIS
A10: @INDIKAPATHIRAGE No. Visit this page for H1-B regulations: #AskUSCIS
Q11: @ADE5HMUKH Can my employer apply for Green Card when I am on F-1 visa ? #AskUSCIS
A11: @ADESHMUKH Not while you are on F-1 visa. For info on getting your Green Card through a job offer: #AskUSCIS
Q12: @TIGGA117 do I still need to take all documents to interview that I sent in already for N400 interview? #AskUSCIS
A12: @TIGGA117 Yes. Evidence submitted might be needed for review. What to expect at your interview: #AskUSCIS
Q13: @NYYANKEESFAN24 I filed 601a provisional waiver last year. uscis denied my waiver... I want to refile. #AskUSCIS
A13: @NYYANKEESFAN24 You may be eligible to refile the provisional waiver. Check the requirements here: #AskUSCIS
Bonus Questions…

Q14: @ANTOINEJAY4 my stamp in passport expires next week, awaiting judges written decision, how long will it be renewed for? #AskUSCIS
A14: @ANTOINEJAY4 (1/2) Extension time frames depend on the type of case. #AskUSCIS
A14: @ANTOINEJAY4 (2/2) Need legal advice? Find legal services here: #AskUSCIS
Q15: @COFFEEBREAK808 Sponsored my wife's app for permanent residency but we are currently living apart in CA & VA. Where will our hearing be? #AskUSCIS
A15: @COFFEEBREAK808 The address on file is where it will take place. Verify your address here  #AskUSCIS