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Turkey Day in an Immigrant Home

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(By Jeff Carter, Office of Communications)

My name is Jeff Carter, and I work in the Office of Communications. In my home, Thanksgiving Day means travel, family, leftovers and, most importantly, a deep appreciation for our wonderful bounty. Each year, we eat a standard meal of turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, jellied cranberries and vegetables, but occasionally there are variations - sometimes because new family members bring their traditions and sometimes just to experiment.

In discussing our holiday traditions with others, I began to wonder: "What about immigrant families? Do they mix and match culinary traditions?" So I decided to ask you to show me and the rest of America - in 140 characters or less - how you and your family celebrate Thanksgiving through food. Just tweet your tradition in a photo: a dish and its name, you cooking and what you’re cooking, or your family eating together. Whatever you tweet, tell us your tradition and use #ImmigrantThanksgiving. Then we’ll share through social media.

From a feast in 1621 between the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag commemorating a good harvest to today’s fourth-Thursday-in-November observances, Thanksgiving Day has progressed with America. Please help us celebrate what you bring to this wonderful celebration.

My mouth is watering just imagining the possibilities. Happy Thanksgiving and bon appétit!