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Recap of USCIS Twitter Office Hours, December 1

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On December 1, we held the fourth USCIS Twitter Office Hours to answer your general questions about immigration benefits and other services. Below you can find all of the questions that we answered, as well as “bonus” answers to two of the other questions we received but did not have time to answer.

Thanks to everyone who tweeted questions for the hour. We look forward to engaging with you during future pilot installments of USCIS Twitter Office Hours. 

Q1: @aksiksi  22 yr old citizen living overseas (no domicile in US). I'd like to give father green card. I-864 required? #AskUSCIS
A1: @aksiksi Sponsors must live in the U.S., but there are exceptions. For details, visit #AskUSCIS
Q2: @Bratt_Nessa7 I was deported in 2012. do I qualify to file application to see if I can get permission to go back to the U.S.? #AskUSCIS
A2: @Bratt_Nessa7 Eligibility for readmission depends on the reason you were removed. Check:  #AskUSCIS
Q3: @SimpsonMilena I would like to know why my case status is not updated on your website #AskUSCIS
A3: Case status might not show all updates. To see all updates, create an account here: #AskUSCIS (1/2)
A3: You can also email the Case Status webmaster at for technical assistance. #AskUSCIS (2/2)
Q4: @bhagathrocks  How long it takes to clear RFE for H1B visa? I have been waiting on my case since March. #AskUSCIS
A4: @bhagathrocks Your first stop should always be checking your case status online :  #AskUSCIS (1/2)
A4: @bhagathrocks If your case is taking longer than expected, inquire about it online: #AskUSCIS (2/2)
Q5: @xJodieLouisa  I sent my I-130 from UK to Chicago over a month ago but haven't heard if they received it. Is this normal? #AskUSCIS
A5: @xJodieLouisa To receive notification via text message or email, you can file Form G-1145 at #AskUSCIS (1/2)
A5: You can also check your case status by going to #AskUSCIS (2/2)
Q6: @Expeditionblue6 I plan to bring my fiancee here in 2016. Is there a link to the forms and instructions I have to fill out? #AskUSCIS
A6: For information on fiancé(e) visas, visit #AskUSCIS
Q7: @CLAIREPRATT The "remove" button in case status online account isn't working. Can you please bring back this feature? Thx. #AskUSCIS
A7: @CLAIREPRATT Thanks for reporting this issue. Our Case Status team is working on fixing this.  #AskUSCIS
Q8: @TESS45A Can I use my husband's personal check to pay my application for my I-485? Thanks! #AskUSCIS
A8: @TESS45A Yes. You can pay with personal check; just follow the instructions on this page: #AskUSCIS
Q9: @SANDESH_KHAREL i am filling i765 for opt extension. My passport number changed. Should i use new passport # or old? #AskUSCIS
A9: @SANDESH_KHAREL You can use your current passport number on your application. #AskUSCIS
Q10: @JAKSHAY My son is US citizen staying in Mumbai. i want to let him move to US for his education but i don't have visa. #AskUSCIS
A10: @JAKSHAY Your son doesn't need a visa. For you, visit your local consulate to explore visa options:  #AskUSCIS
Q11: @UMAPRABHU3 Can H1B holder with valid i140 change name after marriage? How to notify USCIS? Any impact on green card process? #AskUSCIS
A11: @UMAPRABHU3 You should submit proof of your legal name change when you file for your green card.  #AskUSCIS
Q12: @Xiao_zhe Please consider opening office in UAE to better serve Middle East. Closest office is Jordan that is real hardship. #AskUSCIS
A12: We're sorry that you have to travel so far. Opening a new office is a major decision, but we'll send on your request. #AskUSCIS
Q13: @JESSICAFORREST adult Australian, living in US 10 yrs, adopted a year ago...can a US citizen sponsor as a family member? #AskUSCIS
A13: @JESSICAFORREST No, you cannot sponsor as a family member. See adoption-related immigration:  #AskUSCIS
Q14: @kclayde Whats the story w/deferred action for U Visas?  None have been approved since May. When will more letters be issued? #AskUSCIS
A14: @kclayde There isn't a simple answer. To receive a complete answer, please email us at #AskUSCIS
Q15: @ahluwalialawpc USCIS did not return original docs in the SASE. Case approved. What to do? Call or fill out form? #AskUSCIS
A15: @ahluwalialawpc To receive your original documents, file Form G-884:  #AskUSCIS
Q16: @RACHELLE08  I want to follow up my case status. #AskUSCIS
 A16: @RACHELLE08 You can enter your receipt number and check your case status at #AskUSCIS
Q17: @JLAZO415  do you know how many fee waivers u may still have left until the end of the yr for those who qualify for an N400? #AskUSCIS
 A17: @JLAZO415 There is no yearly cap on fee waivers. For guidance visit: #AskUSCIS
Q18: @BISHALKARANJIT How long are we allowed to work while OPT extension application is pending, need a special authorization? #AskUSCIS
 A18: @BISHALKARANJIT If you filed for an extension on time, you can work for 180 days while it's pending. #AskUSCIS
Q19: @PRATYGO My wife got authorization to work through H4-EAD but still waiting for her SSN, does USCIS come into the picture #AskUSCIS
 A19: @PRATYGO No, @SocialSecurity issues Social Security numbers. Find out more #AskUSCIS
Q20: @CARLOSALEX101 is there a way to track the status of a new resident's green card after paying the immigrant fee? #AskUSCIS
 A20: @CARLOSALEX101 Yes, you can track the status of your Green Card here: #AskUSCIS
Bonus Questions

Q21: @USCIS #AskUSCIS we waited for month to recv original notice and then another month for duplicate notice. Niether came. What to do?
 A21: @NIMESH_NAGAR Report that you never received the notice by submitting an e-request at #AskUSCIS
Q22: @LAURENLOVESWI @USCIS link for information to petition for a parent living in Mexico? #AskUSCIS
 A22: @LAURENLOVESWI See this page for U.S citizens who want to bring family to the U.S.  (1/2)
A22: @LAURENLOVESWI Or check out this page for Green Card holders who want to bring family to the U.S.  (2/2)