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Recap of USCIS Twitter Office Hours, January 12

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On January 12, we held the fifth USCIS Twitter Office Hours to answer your questions about immigration benefits and other services that our agency provides.

During this pilot event we were able to answer many common questions that we know many of our stakeholders have. Of course, we received more questions than we had time to address in an hour.

Below you can find all of the questions and answers that we tweeted, as well as answers to two additional questions that we received during the event.

Thanks to everyone who tweeted questions. We look forward to engaging with you during future installments of USCIS Twitter Office Hours. 

Q1: @Phildaddy007 Do I need to copy all pages in my passport or will the page with info be enough when sending evidence? #AskUSCIS

A1: @Phildaddy007 Yes. It is best to send all pages of your passport when submitting additional evidence. #AskUSCIS

Q2: @MrOchiwar Is there a fix for “User Defined Error" on one’s online case status check when the correct receipt # is entered? #AskUSCIS

A2: @MrOchiwar Please send an email to and we’ll follow up with you on the error you’re receiving. #AskUSCIS

Q3: @chaitu_14 My name in I-797 form is wrong. May I know the process to check the status of my application? #AskUSCIS

A3: @chaitu_14 You can enter your receipt number and check your case status on at  #AskUSCIS

Q4: @SarahSchacht This is great progress for the agency! Are you doing office hours regularly now? #AskUSCIS
A4: @SarahSchacht Thank you! Twitter office hours are hosted once a month. #AskUSCIS

Q5: @NualaODwyer What does it mean if you're tracking your case number but the app says it's not recognized? Thanks so much. #AskUSCIS

A5: @NualaODwyer When checking case status, use your receipt #. If still receiving error, email #AskUSCIS 1/2

A5: @NualaODwyer If this is in reference to non-delivery of a document, submit an e-Request here:  #AskUSCIS 2/2

Q6: @CHANTEL12689300 can I stay in the USA whilst i290b is filed if k1 visa expired? (I485 denied) #AskUSCIS

A6: @CHANTEL12689300 Yes, you may stay in the US while you wait for an I-290B. Check case status on  #AskUSCIS

Q7: @JJULIEBORDIERI Are processing times correct on site? Says March 2 for I751 as of 10/31, said same thing as of 9/30. Thanks! #AskUSCIS

A7: @JJULIEBORDIERI We update processing times once a month and show you the estimated processing date.  #AskUSCIS

Q8: @HCANCELIK How long does it take to get a response after replying to NOID? #AskUSCIS

A8: @HCANCELIK NOID response wait time will be case specific. Check status here:  #AskUSCIS

Q9: @WOLFSORROW When will the online pdf of the I130 be updated (currently expired) … #AskUSCIS

A9: @WOLFSORROW This is the current version. Be sure to check  for form updates.  #AskUSCIS

Q10: @ALPHABET_REAL Has there been any change in time for US citizens to start petitioning for their siblings, is it faster now #AskUSCIS

A10: @ALPHABET_REAL Processing time for siblings is based on priority date of petition. Read more:  #AskUSCIS

Q11: @JSMANI81 Can one do change of status from F1 to H4 and H4 EAD at the same time? #AskUSCIS

A11: @JSMANI81 You can file for a change or extend your status and your EAD at the same time. Read more:  #AskUSCIS

Q12: @STEFANIERIBARRA waiting 4 my permanent residency, already submitted all, but since I have updated docs, should I mail those? #AskUSCIS

A12: @STEFANIERIBARRA You should wait until we request additional documentation. #AskUSCIS

Q13: @ku_dkl What's Normal processing time for H1-B application? My application received by #USCIS but no updates after that #AskUSCIS

A13: @ku_dkl (1/2) You can check H-1B processing times here:  #AskUSCIS

A13: @ku_dkl (2/2) If your case is outside normal processing time, submit an e-Request here:  #AskUSCIS

Q14: @IAMUMESHJAIN How to contact KCC Inquiry dept. Received 221g saying KCC Inquiry sent for client, but they haven't received #AskUSCIS

A14: @IAMUMESHJAIN You can contact KCC by email. Please visit  @travelgov #AskUSCIS

Q15: @THEPIMPALA How long does it take the USCIS to respond to my lawyers request for my info/file via F.O.I? #AskUSCIS

A15: @THEPIMPALA FOIA request processing time depends on type of request. Check your status here:  #AskUSCIS

Q16: @LEONA487 How long does the processing take for DACA? All forms were turned in on November... #AskUSCIS

A16: @LEONA487 DACA processing times are currently 6 months. Check updated processing times here:  #AskUSCIS

Q17: @GEORGHI1527 how long is the process for an spouse of American citizen? #AskUSCIS

A17: @GEORGH1527 Processing times vary by office, form number & change monthly. Check current times here:  #AskUSCIS

Q18: @GUERREROGUILLE how long does it take to receive notification for interview? Wife already got her work authorization card. #AskUSCIS

A18: @GUERREROGUILLE Interview waiting period varies by location. Check processing times here:  #AskUSCIS


Q19: @ GJRHOPKINS You received my i-485 application over 2 months ago - should I not have got a biometrics appointment by now? #AskUSCIS

A19: @ GJRHOPKINS Check case status online to see if an appointment notice was sent. #AskUSCIS

Q20: @JESSICAFORREST is there any exception to the Australian E3 visa in having to have a bachelor's degree prior to applying? #AskUSCIS

 A20: @JESSICAFORREST E3 requires academic degree or other credentials for    job. Check #AskUSCIS