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The information on this page is out of date. However, some of the content may still be useful, so we have archived the page.

Archived from our former blog, The Beacon.

Our Website is Now More Mobile Friendly!

Release Date:

We just made our website easier to use with your mobile device. The same content and links you’re used to now have a mobile design, which means you can see and do more on your smartphone or tablet. 

The number of people visiting our site on phones has been rising steadily for years. Over the past year, about 30 percent of our visitors used a mobile device. More than half the visitors to our Spanish site used a mobile device!

Some of the differences you may notice on your phone include the placement of key navigational links into a “hamburger” icon often used on mobile sites. Some pages will also feature collapsible segments to make them easier to view and navigate on a small screen.

Mobile users dealt with unreadable font size and poor usability.

The “hamburger” icon next to the menu link makes accessing information from a mobile device much easier.

Top level navigational links neatly fold into collapsible segments.

Links in the left and right columns will be moved to the bottom of the page, and any content in tables will “stack” so you can scroll them with ease vertically, not horizontally. These improvements allow you to find and access the information you want without having too much text on the screen.

So what do all these changes mean to you? It means that it’s easier than ever to access the trusted immigration information you need. We hope you like the improvements we’ve made. As always, we count on your feedback to help improve our site as we work to improve it more. Tell us what you think in an email to

Stay tuned for another blog post on E-Verify’s mobile responsive look! We’re excited to show you the changes we made based on feedback from the E-Verify Listens community.