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Recap of USCIS Twitter Office Hours, March 10

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On March 10, we held the seventh USCIS Twitter Office Hours to answer your questions about immigration benefits and other services that our agency provides.

During this event we were able to answer many common questions that we know many of our stakeholders have. Of course, we received more questions than we had time to address in an hour.

Below you can find all of the questions and answers that we tweeted.

Thanks to everyone who tweeted questions. We look forward to engaging with you during future installments of USCIS Twitter Office Hours.

Q1: @EstigoyAngelic Can we reschedule the biometrics appointment for the green card? #AskUSCIS

A1: @EstigoyAngelic Yes. Your appt. can be rescheduled. Follow instructions on your notice letter or call us at 1-800-375-5283. #AskUSCIS

Q2: @NisarTanai how long it takes to approve refugees cases in US by USCIS especially after government security clearance. #AskUSCIS

A2: @NisarTanai Processing times vary by location. You can check your case status here:  #AskUSCIS

Q3: @robzidar My Green Card renewal was lost in the mail. Need a new extension stamp in passport. Can't get appointment #AskUSCIS

A3: @robzidar You need to visit your local office for a temporary stamp. You can set an appt. online at  #AskUSCIS

Q4: @mldemmons My LPR card was issued in April 2015. Spouse will naturalize in Nov. Do I need to wait 5 yrs from my LPR date? #AskUSCIS

A4: @mldemmons You can apply to naturalize three years after your spouse naturalizes. For more info, visit  #AskUSCIS

Q5: @EstigoyAngelic We responded to our RFE and my question is how long before we can received a notice? #AskUSCIS

A5: @EstigoyAngelic Response times vary by location. You can check your case status here:  #AskUSCIS

Q6: @SIMRON05 How long it takes to appear for marriage based interview if filed in December 2015 #AskUSCIS

A6: @SIMRON05 Processing times vary. Check times for your local office here:  #AskUSCIS

Q7: @ESIERRAO26 How can I get a copy of my approval notice, I changed address and notified uscis and the change wasn't made #AskUSCIS

A7: @ESIERRAO26 If notice not received, submit a request for an update here:  #AskUSCIS

Q8: @thaditurideepak What's the latest ruling about the OPT extension for international students? #AskUSCIS

A8: @thaditurideepak You can check here  for updated information next week. #AskUSCIS

Q9: @adewole101 what's the Naturalization processing time from application N-400 to ceremony? #AskUSCIS

A9: @adewole101 Processing times vary. Check status  or make InfoPass appt.  #AskUSCIS

Q10: @PEACHEY_PIE how long from application submission to Oath ceremony for form N-400? #AskUSCIS

A10: @PEACHEY_PIE N-400 processing times vary by location. You can check average times here:  #AskUSCIS

Q11: @ALPHABET_REAL I-130 filed in Dec 2015, wife wants to visit until her graduation (2 months) can she? has proof for return #AskUSCIS

A11: @ALPHABET_REAL I-130 does not grant status. A valid visa is required for re-entry. More info:  #AskUSCIS

Q12: @wakaskar What is procedure for opt-out (F1 to F2B) for family sponsored immigrant visa? #AskUSCIS

A12: @wakaskar If you want to stay in the current category, contact the office handling your case.  #AskUSCIS

Q13: A friend was victim of fraud where someone promised GC and made them overstay. Now they're out of status. What to do? #AskUSCIS

A13: @initink Consult with a reputable immigration attorney to report the scammer. Visit  to report scams. #AskUSCIS

Q14: @dfordhiraj Can 1 travel on paper based Advance Parole with multiple entry but has a Parolled stamp from earlier travel? #AskUSCIS

A14: @dfordhiraj Yes, as long as your parole document is still valid. More info:  #AskUSCIS