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Summary of #AskDACA Twitter Town Hall on May 24

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We held a Twitter Town Hall featuring #AskDACA on May 24 to answer your questions about DACA and other immigration benefits and services. Below are many common questions and answers we addressed during the hour. Thanks to everyone who tweeted questions.

Q1: @kholeary Are DACA recipients eligible to work for the federal govt as employees or contractors? #AskDACA

A1: @kholeary To qualify for a U.S. federal government career, you must be a U.S. citizen. For contractors, it depends on the job. #AskDACA

Q2: @JQKLawFirm Do you accumulate "Unlawful Presence" for the 3/10 year bars during approved DACA time period? #AskDACA

A2: @JQKLawFirm No. Individual isn’t considered unlawfully present while deferred action is in effect. #AskDACA

Q3: What’s the form to apply for DACA? #AskDACA

A3: You need to complete the Form I-821D, accompanied by Form I-765, and Form I-765WS, Worksheet. #AskDACA

Q4: What’s the filing process for DACA? #AskDACA

A4: You may request DACA if you meet the guidelines. To learn about the process and the guidelines visit #AskDACA

Q5: @MUAHZXOX3_ how can you file a motion to reopen a case after filing after the deadline? #AskDACA

A5: ​@MUAHZXOX3_ There are no motions to reopen for DACA. Check FAQ # 25 for more information. #AskDACA

Q6: When to renew DACA? #AskDACA

A6: Please submit your DACA renewal request between 150 and 120 days before the expiration of your EAD. #AskDACA

Q7: Is there any guidance for DACA employers? #AskDACA

A7: Yes, you can find useful information for employers at #AskDACA

Q8: @Siho8984 Will a DUI automatically bar you from obtaining DACA? Or will you look at totality of the circumstances? #AskDACA

A8: A DUI conviction is a disqualifying significant misdemeanor under DACA. For details see Q60-62 here #AskDACA

Q9: Do you have DACA information in Chinese? #AskDACA

A9: Yes, you can find our DACA FAQs in Chinese at #AskDACA

Q10: How can I receive advance parole? #AskDACA

A10: If DACA is granted, file Form I-131 to travel outside of the U.S. Visit and #AskDACA

Q11: How can I find authorized legal help/advice for DACA? #AskDACA

A11: You can visit our website to find resources and legal services to avoid scams. #AskDACA

Q12: @caramelcamille Is there a way to give an observation/feedback about the person who interviewed me? Thanks in advance. #AskDACA

A12: @caramelcamille Yes. You can contact the interviewing office or send an email with feedback to #AskDACA

Q13: How can I tell if an employer is discriminating against me because I am a DACA recipient? #AskDACA

A13: You can find detailed information by checking Question 82 in our DACA FAQs #AskDACA

Q14: @REVA_GUPTA with DACA, can I travel overseas? #AskDACA

A14: @REVA_GUPTA Yes, you can travel with an approved I-131 Advance Parole document. #AskDACA

Q15: ​@nwaab_saab Does an asylum applicant (pending) apply for an advance parole to travel to Canada or other countries? #AskDACA

A15: ​@nwaab_saab Yes, all asylum applicants need advance parole before leaving the U.S. For info, visit: #AskDACA

Q16: I heard you have DACA info in Vietnamese. Is that right? #AskDACA

A16: Yes, here is the link to our DACA FAQs in Vietnamese: #AskDACA

Q17: Can we have the DACA FAQs in Korean? #AskUSCIS

A17: Yes, the information is on the USCIS website at #AskDACA

Q18: @SHARKATTACK101 what happens if a person forgets to renew their DACA and it expires? Can they renew it the same way as usual? #AskDACA

A18: @SHARKATTACK1011 Within year of DACA expiring submit renew request. Over a year, send initial request #AskDACA