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Summary of #AskDACA Twitter Town Hall on June 21

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We held a Twitter Town Hall featuring #AskDACA on June 21 to answer your questions about DACA and other immigration benefits and services. Below are many common questions and answers we addressed during the hour. Thanks to everyone who tweeted questions.

Q1: @hariakkavajhula Can I appear H1B visa interview in Hindi/Telugu as English dates are not available during my vacation? #AskUSCIS
A1: @hariakkavajhula Please contact Department of State to request a visa interview accommodation. #AskUSCIS
Q2: @IBRA_SALLAM88 what's Potomac S C cuz I never heard it before so I've a concern about our petition i-130 #AskUSCIS
A2: @IBRA_SALLAM88 Potomac Service Center is a new USCIS office processing some of the petitions. Info: #AskUSCIS
Q3: @prashanth_parsi does employer need to re file approved H1B and I 140 if the employer name and FEIN changes? #AskUSCIS
A3: @prashanth_parsi Please see regulations from DOL. The info is under H-1B post approval changes. #AskUSCIS
Q4: @v_khoshkam Whats solution when u are eligible to apply for citizenship but ur green card is stolen?can u apply only via n-400?#AskUSCIS
A4: @v_khoshkam File I-90 for replacement green card and submit a copy of your receipt notice with N-400. #AskUSCIS
 Q5: @ MATT_PETASATUS As a military member if I request a K1 visa, expedited, is there chance my request could slow the process? #AskUSCIS
A5: @MATT_PETASATUS A request to expedite should not delay the process. Call the military helpline at 1-877-247-4645. #AskUSCIS
Q6: @PSYCHOKAATH Why can't I check my case status online anymore? I always get the "User-defined error"/ "Validation Error" #AskUSCIS
A6: @PSYCHOKAATH We're sorry you're having trouble online. Please email us at for help. #AskUSCIS
Q7: @GAHMAR3 Is there any way to get H-1B re-stamping in USA? #AskUSCIS
A7: @GAHMAR3 For more details regarding H-1B extensions, please visit our website at #AskUSCIS
Q8: @olivia98975 #AskUSCIS when a n600 arrives at the local office, how long does it take to finalize it?
A8: @olivia98975 For N-600 processing times by specific office, please visit: #AskUSCIS
Q9: @SAMANTHAWISE31 Whats the process time for a P1 Athlete visa? Its been 70 days, not the 2 weeks as displayed on the website? #AskUSCIS
A9: @SAMANTHAWISE31 For cases beyond the posted processing time, submit online inquiry here: #AskUSCIS
Q10: @HackyMoto Biometrics:does the AOS process pause while waiting on results? What's wait time? how can I find where my case is? #AskUSCIS
A10 (1/2): @HackyMoto Cases can't be completed until biometrics and security checks are cleared. Visit: #AskUSCIS 
A10 (2/2): @HackyMoto To check your case status online, please visit #AskUSCIS
Q11: @MeetTheSenator #AskUSCIS When are y'all holding training sessions for citizenship teachers in the NYC area?
A11: @MeetTheSenator Nothing is scheduled for NYC at this time, but check here for upcoming trainings: #AskUSCIS
Q12: @AK74ABE Does USCIS share info with state DMVs? Some DMVs confused over legal status. #AskUSCIS
A12: @AK74ABE DMVs can verify an applicant's immigration status through the SAVE program. Please see: #AskUSCIS
Q13: @HIGHLANDSSTRONG #AskUSCIS my husband & I have i485 interview next month, does he need birth certificate or just passport.
A13: @HIGHLANDSSTRONG He'll need to show proof of US citizenship, a valid passport OR birth certificate. #AskUSCIS
Q14: @AK74ABE Appreciate USCIS & CBP doing away with paper forms (I94s). Are there new automation efforts in the pipeline?#AskUSCIS
A14: @AK74ABE You will soon be able to file your Application for Naturalization (N-400) online. Visit: #AskUSCIS
Q15: @BMIAN93 How long NVC takes to complete its process after receiving all documents from applicant, petitioner and agent ? #AskUSCIS
A15: @BMIAM93 The NVC is part of the Dept. of State. Their contact information can be found here: #AskUSCIS
Q16: @KANTHS Unable to track my H-4 USCIS case for the past 9 months. Can you please help me track the status! #AskUSCIS
A16: (1/2) @KANTHS Please check or call 1-800-375-5283. #AskUSCIS
A16: (2/2) @KANTHS If your case does not appear in Case Status Online, email #AskUSCIS
Q17: @mely1706 #AskUSCIS where is the final rule for the provisional waiver of inadmissibility dated for 06/2016?
A17: @mely1706 Proposed rule published 9/22/15. Comment period closed 9/21/15. Anticipated final rule publication by summer 2016. #AskUSCIS