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Summary of #AskUSCIS Twitter Town Hall on August 23

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We held a Twitter Town Hall featuring #AskUSCIS on August 23 to answer your questions about immigration benefits and services. Below are many common questions and answers we addressed during the hour. Thanks to everyone who tweeted questions.

Q1: @falconboy4u How long it takes after submitting RFE in Vermont office? #AskUSCIS
A1: @falconboy4u We update processing times online as often as possible. View processing times by office: #AskUSCIS
Q2: @YEMIOOLAREWAJU have submit n 400 over a year ago, and pass the test, but I’ve not received anything yet #AskUSCIS
A2: @YEMIOOLAREWAJU Your case is outside of standard processing time. Submit an inquiry using e-Request: #AskUSCIS
Q3: @SagarJa54945792 Can a person applying for permanent residency through family member continue to use tourist visa to visit US? #AskUSCIS
A3: @SagarJa54945792 If no rejection or receipt has been received, contact us at 1-800-375-5283. See: #AskUSCIS
Q4: @rmudholkar If working w/ media, promoting US interest; Can we request it to be equivalent as physical stay for filing N-470? #AskUSCIS
A4: @rmduholka For residency, it depends on your work/company. See Section D on this page: #AskUSCIS
Q5: @MHmeedat in general, When can asylees file form I-765 for work authorizations? #AskUSCIS
A5: @MHmeedat #Asylees can apply for employment authorization 150 days after filing for asylum. See: #AskUSCIS
Q6: @gnmche69 do I have to use my wife's maiden name on all paperwork ? I-485 I-130 or my last name since we got married #AskUSCIS
A6: @gnmche69 Please complete the forms with her name as she would like it to appear on her Green Card. #AskUSCIS
Q7: @mufrasho I want to ask what to do if one visa is cancelled at the port of entry in the US #AskUSCIS
A7: @mufrasho Please check with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) at #AskUSCIS @CustomsBorder
Q8: @nwaab_saab Is there any way to expedite the process of advance parole in emergency? #AskUSCIS
A8:@nwaab_saab: Yes, go to your local field office to file. If case is pending call 800-375-5383. See: #AskUSCIS
Q9:@nwaab_saab can an asylum applicant(pending) leave US and apply advance parole from any other country? #AskUSCIS
A9: @nwaab_saab You must be granted advanced parole before leaving the U.S. See: #AskUSCIS
Q10: @bmian93 NVC asked about change in form I-864 ,Is this important to send updated form to NVC or we can give during interview? #AskUSCIS
A10:@bmian93 For details regarding NVC's process, please contact State Department at #AskUSCIS @travelgov
Q11: @mafergiordana I want to know about extension for unlawful precense, are adult children included when parent is citizen? #AskUSCIS
A11: @mafergiordana As of 08/29/2016, anyone eligible for the provisional waiver may apply. #AskUSCIS
Q12: @Yacoub_Sakka Do I need my passport for naturalization application? #AskUSCIS
A12: @Yacoub_Sakka You do not need a passport to apply for naturalization. Bring it to your interview. #AskUSCIS
Q13: @zhiyizh submitted I-751 RFE response to Vermont 75 days ago. haven't received notice about next step. Is there time frame? #AskUSCIS
A13: @zhiyizh If the time to review posted on your RFE has passed, please contact us at 1-800-375-5283. #AskUSCIS
Q14: @gzp7 do I need to have a current green card to obtain my citizenship? #AskUSCIS
A14: @gzp7 To be able to apply for naturalization, you must renew your Green Card once it has expired. #AskUSCIS