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Summary of #AskUSCIS Twitter Town Hall on October 4

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On Oct. 4, our customer service staff hosted their monthly USCIS Twitter Office Hours and answered your questions.

This month, as a part of National Customer Service Week, we were joined by the Department of State (@travelgov) to answer questions regarding visas and consular affairs, and to help differentiate between their services and those offered by USCIS.

Below you can find all of the questions and answers that we tweeted. You can also find these on Twitter by searching #AskUSCIS.

Thanks to everyone who tweeted questions. We look forward to engaging with you during future installments of USCIS Twitter Office Hours.

Q1: @MaherAlZubaidi my status is changed, but did not I receive my card for TPS ?! #AskUSCIS

A1: @MaherAlZubaidi You can start by checking your country page to see if there's an automatic extension: #AskUSCIS

Q2: @bonedatt Why is there limit to # visas available for siblings of U. S citizens intending to migrate to the U.S.? #AskUSCIS

A2: @bonedatt Limited # of immigrant visas each year is part of US law - limits by visa type & per country -NVC #AskUSCIS

Q3: @AlifseYeh How long does it take from I-130 petition approval to interview? How to tell priority date by receipt no. #AskUSCIS

A3: @AlifseYeh For visa interview, it varies: how long it takes you to submit docs, is case current, # people waiting -NVC #AskUSCIS (1/3)

A3: @AlifseYeh NVC reviews cases only after receiving ALL fees/DS260s/civil & financial documents -NVC #AskUSCIS (2/3)

A3: @AlifseYeh Priority dates are on the Form I-797 you receive from USCIS. It is usually the date petition was filed -NVC #AskUSCIS (3/3)

Q4: @abegailmartin12 Can I use the G-1450 form if I reside in Guam? #AskUSCIS

A4: @abegailmartin12 You can file the G-1450 along with your Form N-400. Check where to file here: #AskUSCIS

Q5: @HackyMoto Why is the USCIS processing time website so far behind (2 months at the time of posting) and not real time? #AskUSCIS

A5: @HackyMoto We must validate processing times before posting. To see most recent info for your case: #AskUSCIS

Q6: @bonedatt Why do you guys charge so much to process an application? It's like you're selling immigration status. #AskUSCIS

A6: @bonedatt Fees based on “Cost of Service Model.” @travelgov looks at actual cost of staff/supplies/systems to set fees –NVC #AskUSCIS

Q7: @navsihag my question is what is the current status of my petition & how long I have to wait for my visa? #AskUSCIS

A7:@navsihag Please delete case # on your post. Reach out to or call 603-334-0557 so we can help. -NVC #AskUSCIS

Q8:@kassala67 The U.S. Embassy in Khartoum processes applications for all visa type family sponsored F2A? #AskUSCIS

A8: @kassala67 Yes @USEmbassyKRT processes Immigrant Visas, including F2A. Learn more at -NVC #AskUSCIS

Q9: @jayesh_patel45 Can  NVC take petitioner's email prior to receiving  I-130 case from USCIS to notify when case was received? #AskUSCIS

A9: @jayesh_patel45​ No, NVC doesn’t have a case file for you until we receive your approved petition from USCIS –NVC #AskUSCIS

Q10: @kamidaju  How long does it take to call for interview once you have done your fingerprint?​ #AskUSCIS

A10: @kamidaju It depends on which form you filed. You can check processing times here:  #AskUSCIS

Q11: @MatthewHoppock Why not clear up the visa number backlog by using the visa numbers that were unused in years past? #AskUSCIS

A11: @MatthewHoppock The INA imposes the fiscal year limit.- NVC #AskUSCIS

Q12:  @ilananbu My H1B EA in processing over 5 mnths and till its approved we cant review our DL can something be done?​ #AskUSCIS

A12:@ilananbu DL requirements vary, check state motor vehicle agency extensions. For processing times:  #AskUSCIS

Q13: From Facebook - What's the normal time of NVC step completion after I 130 case approval from USCIS? #AskUSCIS

A13: From Facebook - It varies: how long it takes you to submit docs, is case current, # of people waiting. –NVC #AskUSCIS

Q14: @dcmullins I-824 is approved for VAWA derivatives to consular process, how long till NVC/consulate reach out to atty? #AskUSCIS

A14: @dcmullins The VSC handles VAWA cases. Due to sensitivity, please call 1-800-375-5283 to discuss further. #AskUSCIS

Q15: @edemkdgh​ Are qualified winners of dv lottery required at a visa interview to have ties to their home country? #AskUSCIS

A15: @edemkdgh No. Since DV applicants are intending immigrants to the US they are presumed to not have ties. -NVC #AskUSCIS

Q16: @Samarz76 My I-824 on an approved petition has been under process since April , NVC has not contacted me ,is it normal​ #AskUSCIS

A16:@Samarz76 If I-824 is beyond processing times submit an e-request to check status:  #AskUSCIS (1/2)

A16: @Samarz76 Once I-824 is approved by USCIS, NVC will contact you. #AskUSCIS (2/2)

Q17: @loveisonlylife Does Mumbai consulate will consider divorce decree from USA during my immigration process. #AskUSCIS

A17: @loveisonlylife Yes, if you were divorced in USA @USAndMumbai will accept US Divorce Decree for immigration purposes. –NVC #AskUSCIS

Q18: @AnugunjT about to apply i-130 for my mom who's been US on B2 visa last 2 months. Will it be seen as misuse of NIV? #AskUSCIS

A18: @AnugunjT Based on this, it won't be seen as misuse of NIV, unless CBP granted entry for less than this amount of time-NVC #AskUSCIS

Q19: @fsaleh05 Thanks for giving this opportunity, I would like to ask about the processing time of EB5 I526. #AskUSCIS

A19:@fsaleh05 No set NVC timeframe. Self-paced process: you submit fees/docs, NVC reviews them, wait in line for interview –NVC #AskUSCIS

Q20: @herrerajoha I went for my fingerprint apt for N-400. Still waiting for  interview. How long does it take for the interview #AskUSCIS

A20:@herrerajoha You will receive an interview notice after all initial steps on your case are complete.  #AskUSCIS

Q21: @nanspri what is Uscis Alien Number? how can i find mine? is it  a Unique number assigned&never change for an immigrant? #AskUSCIS

A21: @nanspri Correct! The A-number is a unique case number for immigrants. You can find it on a Green Card or work permit. #AskUSCIS