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Evaluation Criteria

Archived Content

The information on this page is out of date. However, some of the content may still be useful, so we have archived the page.

FY 2011 Citizenship and Integration Grant Program

1. Will USCIS look more closely at organizations who have limited resources as opposed to organizations with substantial resources that do not necessarily need additional funding?

An organization’s net worth is not one of the evaluation criteria for the FY 2011 Citizenship and Integration Grant Program.

2. Can we submit letters of support?

The funding opportunity announcement states that no other documentation should be submitted other than what is requested. DHS will not consider letters of support.

3. What are the points by which applicants will be judged?

The evaluation criteria and corresponding point values are found in Section V. B of the funding opportunity announcements.

4. How can Citizenship and Integration Grant Program applicants obtain feedback about their application so that they are better prepared to apply?

After the announcement of the grant recipients, unfunded applicants may request a written summary evaluation and score breakdown by sending an e-mail to: DHS will not provide this information to grant recipients. Results will be sent to the requesting organization within sixty days from the date the written request is received.

5. If an organization was awarded a grant by USCIS in the past, do they have preference over organizations applying for the first time?

Previous grant recipients do not receive a preference over organizations applying for the first time. Each year, applications are reviewed and rated individually. However, based on the recommendations of the internal review panel, the DHS Source Selection Official may consider the past performance of previous Citizenship and Integration Grant Program recipients when making funding recommendations.

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