What Will I Learn at USCIS Training Seminars?

In fiscal year 2015, USCIS will offer training seminars to provide participants with ideas, promising practices, and tools for building, enhancing, and maintaining a comprehensive adult citizenship education program. USCIS seminars are free, but space is limited.

Training Seminars

Participants will learn about the naturalization process and test; receive hands-on practice developing an effective citizenship curriculum, syllabi, lesson plans, and classroom activities; learn how to incorporate civics content into lessons and classroom activities; and be presented with strategies to help students improve English skills in preparation for the naturalization test.

You will learn about

  • The process of developing a comprehensive adult citizenship curriculum, syllabi, and lesson plans

  • Methods to create, choose, and adapt student-centered activities based on adult learning theory

  • Strategies to improve English and civics skills and knowledge to prepare students for the naturalization interview and test

  • Thematic teaching with an emphasis on the specific grammar and vocabulary found within the naturalization process

  • Professional development opportunities and resources for adult citizenship teachers


  • Ideas and promising practices with colleagues

  • Challenges in the classroom and brainstorm solutions

  • Recommendations and concerns with USCIS staff


  • New instructional techniques

  • Contact information for USCIS and other professionals in your field

  • Information on available USCIS resources


  • With other colleagues from your state and beyond

  • With your USCIS Community Relations Officer (CRO)

  • With other USCIS representatives

  • With local community-based organizations