E-Verify participants, business or government entities and media outlets may request authorization to use the E-Verify® Logo and name by downloading the Guidelines and Licensing Agreement. You must meet certain criteria as prescribed in the Guidelines for using the E-Verify® Trademark. Please review and complete the agreement, and return it to uscis.verlogo@dhs.gov. Upon DHS approval of your completed Licensing Agreement, DHS will provide you with digitized logo files for use on websites and approved printed materials.

You may only use the DHS seal with the prior written approval of the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security or the Secretary’s designee. You must make any requests for the use of the DHS seal in writing and must specify, in detail, exactly how you will use it. Any permission granted by the Secretary will apply only to the specific use outlined in your written request and should not be construed as permission for any other use.

To request use of the DHS logo e-mail: Branding@hq.dhs.gov or fax 202-443-0175.

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