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How should I enroll my company if I need to create E-Verify cases at multiple locations?

How your company enrolls in E-Verify depends on how your company is organized and which locations will use E-Verify. Several options are listed below:

Option 1: Enroll all of your locations that will use E-Verify in the employer access method and sign an individual memorandum of understanding (MOU) for each location. This means that each location will create their cases in E-Verify. 

Option 2: Enroll only the locations that will create E-Verify cases in the E-Verify employer access method. These locations can create cases for one or several hiring sites. During enrollment, your company may indicate the number of hiring sites and the name(s) of the program administrator(s) associated with the location. Your company will only sign one MOU for each location that will create cases in E-Verify. While this option offers employers a simple setup and the need to sign just one MOU, your company will not be able to monitor cases by hiring site.

Option 3: Enroll in the E-Verify corporate administrator access method and link any locations already enrolled in the E-Verify employer access method to the corporate administrator account. A corporate administrator account is an optional tool that is useful to a company that plans to create E-Verify cases from multiple locations and wants to link those sites to a single central account for management and reporting. The corporate administrator account allows you to enroll new locations and manage the accounts of each of your locations enrolled in E-Verify. A corporate administrator account on its own does not permit  the creation of E-Verify cases, so it does not require an MOU. However, an MOU must be signed for each of your locations that will create cases in E-Verify.

Last Reviewed/Updated: 11/30/2012