Improved Application Process

Online filing is improving the way applicants and legal representatives apply for and manage immigration benefit requests by shifting the process from a time-consuming and complex paper-based system to a secure online case management system.

  Paper Filing Online Filing
Submitting an application
  • Most benefit requests, including all supporting evidence, are submitted on paper
  • Reviewing instructions on how to complete and submit an application can be time-consuming
  • Applicants and their legal representatives submit payment by mail with their paper applications
  • Applications and supporting evidence are submitted online and stored securely in the system for future access
  • A user friendly, online set-up assistant takes applicants through the application process step-by-step
  • Applicants and their legal representatives submit payments online using credit/debit cards or bank accounts
After submitting an application
  • Some applicants can access their case status online, but limited—and sometimes outdated—information is provided
  • Applicants can change their address online but sometimes must also submit a paper request
  • Applicants and attorneys/accredited representatives receive paper notices by mail
  • Applicants filing online will be able to receive more detailed case status information
  • Applicants and attorneys/accredited representatives may choose to receive more timely notifications and messages electronically
Submitting additional applications
  • Applicants must submit new applications and all evidence by completing a paper form
  • Applicants and attorneys/accredited representatives provide biographic information and evidence that they may have already provided with previous applications
  • Applicants and attorneys/accredited representatives can log into their USCIS online account to submit new applications


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