Paperwork Reduction Act

Before USCIS can extend, revise, or create a new public use form or reporting requirement, we must first notify the public of our intent and allow the public to provide comments on the new or revised requirement.  All USCIS public use forms under Office of Management and Budget (OMB) review are available to the public on 

Please visit to view and comment on any of the following:

  • Agency Form or Reporting Requirements
  • OMB Forms Clearance Requests
  • Justification Statements
  • Federal Register Notices (60-day and 30-day final notices)
  • Applicable Federal laws and regulations and other related documentation

For more information on the Paperwork Reduction Act, please see the related link on the right of this page.

Please note that the proposed new or revised forms are in draft form and cannot be used by the public until OMB approves the forms.

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