Remove Conditions on Permanent Residence for Entrepreneurs (Investors)

Your permanent residence status is conditional if it is based on investment. You are given conditional resident status on the day you are lawfully admitted to the United States for a 2 year period.

You must file Form I-829, Petition by Entrepreneur to Remove Conditions, to remove the conditions on your permanent resident status. Form I-829 must be filed within 90 days before the second anniversary of your admission to the United States as a conditional resident.

For more information, see the EB-5 Investors page8 CFR 216.6, the Form I-829 Instructions (PDF), and Volume 6, Part G of the USCIS Policy Manual.

After You File

Your conditional permanent resident status will be extended for 6 months or until the processing of your Form I-829 has been completed, whichever is longer. You will receive a receipt for filing the Form I-829 that you should carry with your Green Card.

If You Don’t File

If you do not file Form I-829 as required, you will automatically lose your conditional permanent resident status as of the 2nd anniversary of the date you were granted conditional status. As a result, you will become removable from the United States.

Filing Late

You may file Form I-829 late provided you submit a:

  • Request to excuse your late filing
  • Written explanation that shows that your failure to file on time was for good cause and due to extenuating circumstances


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