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How to Donate

To better serve our patrons and to expand our collection, the USCIS History Library is seeking donations of immigration-related resources.  We are collecting sources from 1891 to present on the history of legacy INS and USCIS.  The library is also particularly interested in works on different ethnic groups, books on immigration history, immigrant biographies; and recent immigrants (Africa, India, Latin America, etc.)  If you have any question on whether the material is appropriate, please contact us at 202-272-8370.

USCIS accepts the following materials in good condition:

  • Unpublished or published material relating to the organization Bureau of Immigration (1891-1933), Bureau of Naturalization (1913-1933), Immigration and Naturalization Service (1933-2003) and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.
  • Regional USCIS/INS history or history related to a particular program (i.e. Refugees) including local newsletters.
  • Hardcover and paperback books on immigration history, citizenship, naturalization, Americanization/assimilation (for children, teens, and  adults)
  • DVDs and Audiobooks on CD related to the immigrant experience

USCIS History Library does not accept:

  • Encyclopedias, directories, almanacs or yearbooks
  • Reader Digest, computer, health, finance or textbooks
  • Records (LPs, 45s etc.),Videos (VHS), Music CDs, and Audiobooks on tape
  • USCIS does not except any material related to genealogy (family wedding certificates or family bibles)
  • Official agency files or records (contact USCIS Records Management)


Mail items to:
Management and Program Analyst
111 Mass Avenue NW - Room 1000
Washington, DC 20529-2180

Please do not call for a pickup as we cannot provide this service.
Thank you for supporting the USCIS History Library! Your donation may be used at the discretion of the library for other purposes but items will not be sold. This library is part of the Library of Congress (LOC) gifts and exchange program and often sends material to area schools.

USCIS cannot accept any donations at the loading dock. All materials must be mailed or brought to the USCIS History Library, where your items will be checked upon arrival.

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