Vertical Files

These files contain information on various Immigration and Naturalization (INS) topics and are arranged alphabetically, for example, from A-Files (material related to the concept of A-files) to Work Force and Labor programs within the service.

These files also contain numerous Immigration and Naturalization fact sheets, press releases, news paper clipping, important people files and service projects created under the Department of Justice and INS.

Below is a sample list of topics covered by vertical files. Check our online catalog for further listings.

  • Adjustment of status--United States—Statistics
  • Adopted children--United States
  • Agricultural laborers, Foreign--United States--Legal status, laws, etc.
  • Alien labor certification--United States
  • Aliens--United States—Crime
  • Asylum, Right of--United States
  • Border crossing fees--United States
  • Border Patrol (INS)—History
  • Bracero program--United States—Statistics
  • Chinese—Minnesota
  • Citizenship by parentage--Jus sanguinis--United States
  • Commuters--United States
  • Cubans--United States--Government policy
  • Detention and deportation (INS)--Expedited removals—Statistics
  • Ellis Island Immigration Station (N.Y. and N.J.)
  • Emigration and immigration law--United States—Quotas
  • Employer sanctions--New York (N.Y.)
  • Gangs--United States--Black Dragon
  • Golden Venture (Ship)
  • Hmong (Asian people)--United States
  • Honorary citizenship--United States--Churchill, Winston
  • Identification cards--United States--Border crossing cards
  • Illegal aliens, Dutch--New Jersey
  • Immigrants--Crimes against--United States
  • Japanese Peruvians--Evacuation and relocation, 1942-1945
  • Kickapoo Indians
  • Language policy--United States
  • Lennon, John
  • Mail order brides--United States
  • Narcotics, Control of—Illinois
  • Naturalization--Rites and ceremonies—Hawaii
  • Olympic Games (26th : 1996 : Atlanta, GA)
  • Ports of entry--Maine—Houlton
  • Programs and activities (INS)--Operation Gatekeeper
  • Refugees and asylees : annual flow report
  • Riots--Georgia—Atlanta
  • Sanctuary movement--United States
  • Smuggling of aliens—Vermont
  • Traffic checkpoints--California--San Clemente
  • United States--Emigration and immigration—Drama
  • Visas--United States--B-1 (business visitors)
  • War criminals--United States

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