I-192, Application for Advance Permission to Enter as a Nonimmigrant

Use this form if you want to apply for advance permission to temporarily enter the United States and you are an:

  • Inadmissible nonimmigrant and already have the appropriate documents; or
  • Applicant for T or U nonimmigrant status.

If you are seeking admission under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) under INA section 217, you cannot file this form. Instead, you must apply for a nonimmigrant visa at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate for authorization to travel. You should contact the appropriate U.S. Embassy or Consulate if you have any questions regarding your admissibility under the VWP.

Number of Pages

Form 11; instructions 12.

Edition Date

04/09/19. Starting 06/28/19, we will only accept the 04/09/19 edition. Until then, you can use the 12/23/16 edition. You can find the edition date at the bottom of the page on the form and instructions.

Where to File

If You Are an Inadmissible Nonimmigrant and Already Have the Appropriate Documents:

File your application with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) before the date you intend to travel to the United States. While this is generally done in person at a CBP designated port of entry or a CBP designated preclearance office, there are exceptions to in-person filing.

We recommend that you contact the CBP preclearance office or the port of entry where you intend to be processed before submitting your application. To find a CBP designated port of entry or preclearance office, or to get information on required documentation and processing procedures, please visit the CBP website and type “Form I-192,” in the search box on the homepage.

The CBP Admissibility Review Office will adjudicate your application and will mail their decision to the address you provided on your application. We recommend that you wait at least 90 days from the date you submitted your application before making a status inquiry. To submit an inquiry, email inquiry.waiver.aro@dhs.gov. If you are an attorney, send your inquiry to attorneyinquiry.waiver.aro@dhs.gov.

If You Are a Citizen of Palau, the Federated States of Micronesia, or the Marshall Islands:

You may contact the nearest consulate of the U.S. Department of State to receive instructions on where and how to submit this form. You may also receive filing instructions by emailing the CBP Admissibility Review Office at inquiry.waiver.aro@dhs.gov. If you are an attorney, send your inquiry to attorneyinquiry.waiver.aro@dhs.gov.

If You Are an Applicant for T or U Nonimmigrant Status:

File Form I-192 with the Vermont Service Center at:

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
Vermont Service Center
75 Lower Welden St.
St. Albans, VT 05479-0001

We will adjudicate your application and will mail our decision to the address you provided in your application. If you have any questions about your case, please call the USCIS Contact Center at 800-375-5283 or send a letter to the Vermont Service Center.

For more information, please see our T and U nonimmigrant visa page.

Don’t forget to sign your form! We will reject and return any unsigned form.

Filing Fee


When you send a payment, you agree to pay for a government service. Filing and biometric service fees are final and non-refundable, regardless of any action we take on your application, petition, or request, or if you withdraw your request.

We will accept a fee waiver request in accordance with 8 CFR 103.7(c)(5) for applicants for T or U nonimmigrant status. For more information, see our webpages on fee waivers and paying immigration fees.

Checklist of Required Initial Evidence (for informational purposes only)

Please do not submit this checklist with your Form I-192. It is an optional tool to use as you prepare your form, but does not replace statutory, regulatory, and form instruction requirements. We recommend that you review these requirements before completing and submitting your form. Do not send original documents unless specifically requested in the form instructions or applicable regulations.

If you submit any documents (copies or original documents, if requested) in a foreign language, you must include a full English translation along with a certification from the translator verifying that the translation is complete and accurate, and that they are competent to translate from the foreign language to English.

Did you provide the following?

  • A written statement, signed under penalty of perjury, explaining why you are inadmissible and why you should be admitted if you are inadmissible under any provision of INA section 212(a)(3)(A)(i)(II), (B), (E)(iii), or (F)
  • A detailed description of the health-related inadmissibility grounds if you are inadmissible because of health-related grounds 
  • A written statement, signed under penalty of perjury, if you are inadmissible because you have been convicted of one or more crimes anywhere in the world. Include the official record of each criminal conviction and all court dispositions
  • A written statement, signed under penalty of perjury, for any other grounds of inadmissibility

Special Instructions

Where Can I Find the Law That Governs This Form?

Grounds of inadmissibility can be found in the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) section 212(a).

The statutory and regulatory basis for this form can be found in:

  • INA section 212(d)(3)(A)(ii), and 212(d)(13) and (14);
  • Title 8 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), part 212.4(b), and 212.16 and 17; and

8 CFR 214.11 and 214.14 (for T and U visa applicants).

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