I-361, Affidavit of Financial Support and Intent to Petition for Legal Custody for Public Law 97-359 Amerasian

Purpose of Form

To be filed in support of Form I-360, Petition to Classify Public Law 97-359 Amerasian as the Child, Son, or Daughter of a United States Citizen. The form is filed as your agreement to provide financial support for a five year period for an Amerasian or to petition a court for legal custody of an Amerasian under 18 years of age.

Number of Pages

Form 8; Instructions 6.

Edition Date

09/11/15. You can not use previous editions of this form. The edition date can be found at the bottom of the page on the Form and Instructions.

Where to File

You must swear to, or affirm the affidavit before an officer of USCIS if you are in the United States, or a U.S. immigration or consular officer if you are outside the U.S. The form must be submitted along with your Form I-360. You must submit Form I-361 in duplicate.

Additional Information for Completing Your Form:

If you submit Form I-361 on paper: Be sure to sign the form at Part 4, Item Number 6.a., Sponsor’s Signature. The fillable version of Form I-361 now includes “Don’t forget to sign!” messages and an arrow pointing to the signature box as reminders for when you print the completed form for mailing. USCIS rejects any unsigned Form I-361. Having to return it to you for a signature will delay processing of your affidavit.

Filing Fee


Special Instructions

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