I-508F, Request for Waiver of Rights, Privileges, Exemptions, and Immunities for French Nationals

French nationals receiving a salary from the Republic of France use Form I-508F to comply with Section 247(b) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) and the convention between the United States of America and the French Republic with respect to taxes on income and property. A French national intending to file this form must also complete Form I-508 and submit both forms together. 

Number of Pages

Form 4; Instructions 3.

Edition Date

05/26/17. We will publish a new edition of this form soon. In the meantime, you may file using the 05/26/17 edition. You can find the edition date at the bottom of the page on the form and instructions.

Where to File

File this form along with Form I-508 to the same USCIS office where you filed the related Form I-485 or Form I-131.

Don’t forget to sign your form!  We will reject any unsigned form. 

Filing Fee


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