I-854, Inter-Agency Alien Witness and Informant Record

Law enforcement agencies use Form I-854A to request an alien witness and/or informant receive classification as an S nonimmigrant.

Law enforcement agencies use Form I-854B to request an alien in S nonimmigrant status be allowed to apply for adjustment of status to adjust to lawful permanent resident (LPR) status under section 245(j) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).

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Edition Date

11/08/19. You can find the edition date at the bottom of the page on the form and instructions.

Dates are listed in mm/dd/yy format.

Where to File

U.S. Department of Justice
Criminal Division
Office of Enforcement Operations
Policy and Statutory Enforcement Unit
John C. Keeney Bldg., 10th Floor
10th and Constitution Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

Checklist of Required Initial Evidence (for informational purposes only)

Please do not submit this checklist with your Form I-854. It is an optional tool to use as you prepare your form, but does not replace statutory, regulatory, and form instruction requirements. We recommend that you review these requirements before completing and submitting your form. Do not send original documents unless specifically requested in the form instructions or applicable regulations.

If you submit any documents (copies or original documents, if requested) in a foreign language, you must include a full English translation along with a certification from the translator verifying that the translation is complete and accurate, and that they are competent to translate from the foreign language to English.

If you are filing Form I-854A, did you provide the following?

  • A clear statement of the operations that form the basis of the request
  • All grounds or suspected grounds of inadmissibility for the alien witness and a statement for each ground or suspected ground
  • Two sets of the alien’s fingerprints and signatures on Form FD-258
  • Two identical passport-style color photographs
  • The alien’s Form G-325, Biographical Information
  • The alien’s FBI Number, A-Number (if any), and U.S. Social Security number (if any)
  • A copy of the alien’s birth certificate (with translation) or passport
  • Evidence of the alien’s current immigration status or legal presence
  • Proof of family relationship for the qualifying relatives identified in the request (spouse, married and unmarried sons and daughters, and parents) who are accompanying or following to join 

If you are filing Form I-854B, did you provide the following?

  • All items listed in the checklist for Form I-854A
  • All relevant documentation establishing that the alien has fulfilled the terms and conditions of his or her S classification and related recommendations
Special Instructions

Only law enforcement agencies may submit this form.

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