10.2 Microform Retention of Form I-9

You may retain copies of an original signed Form I-9 on microfilm or microfiche. Only the pages of the Form I-9 on which you or the employees enter data must be retained. To do so, you should:

  • Select film stock that will preserve the image and allow its access and use for the entire retention period, which could be upward of 20 years, depending on the employee and your business.
  • Use well-maintained equipment to create and view microfilms and microfiche that provides clear viewing, and can reproduce legible paper copies. DHS officers must have access to clear, readable documents should they need to inspect your forms.
  • Place indexes either in the first frames of the first roll of film or in the last frames of the last roll of film of a series. For microfiche, place them in the last frames of the last microfiche or microfilm jacket of a series.


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