10.3.2 Electronic Signature of Form I-9

10.3.2 Electronic Signature of Form I-9

You may choose to complete a paper Form I-9 and scan and upload the original signed form to retain it electronically. Once you have securely stored Form I-9 in electronic format, you may destroy the original paper Form I-9.

If you complete Form I-9 electronically using an electronic signature, your system for capturing electronic signatures must allow signatories to acknowledge that they read the attestation and attach the electronic signature to an electronically completed Form I-9. The system must also:

  • Affix the electronic signature at the time of the transaction;
  • Create and preserve a record verifying the identity of the person producing the signature; and
  • Upon request of the employee, provide a printed confirmation of the transaction to the person providing the signature.

Employers who complete Form I-9 electronically must attest to the required information in Section 2 of Form I-9. The system used to capture the electronic signature should include a method to acknowledge that the attestation to be signed has been read by the signatory.

Note: If you choose to use an electronic signature to complete Form I-9, but do not comply with these standards, DHS will determine that you have not properly completed Form I-9, in violation of section 274A(a)(1) B) of the INA (8 CFR Part 274a .2(b)(2)) .


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