4.3 Acceptable Receipts

You must accept a receipt in place of a List A, B, or C document if the employee presents one, unless employment will last less than three business days. New employees who choose to present a receipt must do so within three business days of their first day of employment.

Table 1 provides a list of acceptable receipts an employee can show. Enter the word “Receipt” followed by the title of the document in Section 2 under the list that relates to the receipt. When completing the form using a computer, scroll down in the appropriate list to select the receipt presented.

When your employee presents the original replacement document, cross out the word “Receipt,” then enter the information from the new document into the Additional Information field in Section 2.

Accepting a second receipt at the end of the initial receipt validity period is not permissible.

Table 1: Acceptable Receipts

Description of Receipt

Who may present this receipt?

Is this a List A, B, or C document?

How long is this receipt valid for Form I-9 purposes?

What document must the employee show at the end of the receipt validity period?

The departure portion of a Form I-94, Arrival/Departure Record, with an unexpired refugee admission stamp or admission code of “RE.”


List A

90 days from date of hire or, for reverification, 90 days from the date employment authorization expires.

An unexpired Employment Authorization Document (Form I-766), or a combination of a valid List B document and an unrestricted Social Security card.

The arrival portion of a Form I-94, Arrival/Departure Record, containing a temporary I-551 stamp and photograph.

Lawful permanent residents

List A

Until the expiration date of the temporary I-551 stamp, or if there is no expiration date, one year from date of admission.

The actual Form I-551, Permanent Resident Card, also known as a “Green Card.”

A document that shows an employee applied to replace a lost, stolen, or damaged document.

All employees

Can be List A, B, or C, depending on which document the receipt relates to.

90 days from date of hire or, for reverification, 90 days from the date employment authorization expires.

The actual replacement document. You may also accept other Form I-9 documentation from the Lists of Acceptable Documents. If you accept documentation other than the actual replacement document, record the document information on Section 2 of a new Form I-9 and attach it to the original Form I-9. You should also provide a note of explanation either in the Additional Information box on Form I-9 or as a separate attachment. The note should explain the situation – for example, document delays, changes in status, or other factors – then the employer should sign and date the note.

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