Operational Proposals for Comment

USCIS seeks your input on the operational proposal listed below. After review and consideration of the received comments, USCIS will determine what, if any, changes it should make to this operational proposal, or if other agency action is required.

Currently there are no proposals for comment

Comment Process:  Please e-mail all comments to publicengagementfeedback@uscis.dhs.gov. Please include the following to make your comments clear:

  • State the title of the relevant proposal in the subject line of your message;
  • Refer to a specific portion of the proposal;
  • Explain the reason for any recommended change; and
  • Include data, information, or authority that supports the recommendation.

You have 20 days to review and submit comments on the proposal. USCIS may distribute any comments received (including any personal information and contact information) on its public website or to those who request copies. By providing comments, you consent to their use and consideration by USCIS, and you acknowledge that your comments may become public. USCIS cannot guarantee that it will acknowledge or respond to any comments submitted.

See the Feedback Updates for the status of all reviewed memoranda/ proposals and links to published memoranda/ proposals.

Background and Additional Legal Information: USCIS is not required to solicit public comment on operational proposals under the Administrative Procedure Act. This informal comment process does not replace any statutory or other legal requirement for public comment on agency action.

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