A. Purpose

USCIS’ customer service policy goals are to:

Achieve excellent customer service each time USCIS interacts with its customers.

Ensure the delivery of accurate, useful, and timely information to USCIS customers.

Identify issues and provide solutions to enhance consistency and to increase customer confidence.

Provide USCIS employees and contractors with clear and concise customer service guidance and standards.

USCIS will ensure its employees have the knowledge and tools needed to administer the immigration laws and policies with professionalism. USCIS will ensure educational and case-specific information is accessible, reliable, and accurate.

B. Core Principle

Meeting customer service expectations can be challenging. The performance of agency duties inevitably means that some customers will be disappointed if their cases are denied. Good customer service means that everyone USCIS affects will be treated with dignity and courtesy regardless of the outcome of the decision. USCIS will not approve a benefit unless all eligibility requirements have been met. Similarly, USCIS will not approve a benefit until all national security and public safety concerns have been appropriately addressed.

USCIS will approach each case objectively and adjudicate each case in a thorough and fair manner. USCIS will carefully administer every aspect of its immigration mission so that its customers can hold in high regard the privileges and advantages of U.S. immigration.

C. Governing Principles

The following principles will govern every action USCIS takes:

1. Respect

USCIS will demonstrate respect for its customers. USCIS will be responsive to customers’ inquiries and provide information and services that demonstrate courtesy and cultural awareness. Through its service, USCIS will be an example of how to treat customers with respect, courtesy, and dignity.

2. Competency

USCIS will provide employees with the comprehensive training necessary to perform their duties. Employees will diligently seek facts through appropriate resources to ensure that customers receive thorough, accurate information and decisions.

3. Consistency

USCIS will administer the immigration laws, regulations, and policies in a consistent manner.

4. Confidentiality

USCIS will comply with all applicable federal privacy and confidentiality laws and policies. USCIS will utilize all available measures to safeguard records that may contain sensitive personal information.